Python Party in Moscow

    Hi, we decided to get together in another Python community in Moscow. More precisely, we have not so many of them (guys from Moscow Django Meetup, well done). The first meeting will be held in the office of Yandex, July 19 (Saturday) at 12.00.

    The program of the event:

    11.30-12.00 Registration of participants

    12:00 Python Today, Nikolai Markov (Mirantis)
    They say that in order to be in a trend, you need to follow the news in the world. This applies not only to fashion, but also to IT.

    I will give a brief excursion into what is happening in the Python universe now, what interesting topics can be found in it and where to dig if you want to do something in Python, but it's hard to choose what exactly.

    12:45 "Python at the core of Yandex.Disk", Sergey Ivashchenko, Yandex
    I’ll talk about how we use Python in Yandex.Disk, which libraries and frameworks we use, what tasks we solve, and what problems we face. I will also touch on the topic of logging and processing of asynchronous operations.

    13:30 Break

    14:00 “Documenting and testing the HTTP API using Sphinx”, Alexander Shorin, Apache CouchDB
    By writing a web service, it can be nice to document it: describe what resources are available, what requests they accept and what kind of response to expect from them in a particular case. And it is advisable with examples so that you can clearly visualize what it is about. But how to be sure that the examples will remain relevant tomorrow, in a week, with the next release?

    I will talk about documenting the HTTP API using Sphinx and how we developed the module to automate testing of HTTP requests and responses given in the documentation.

    14:45 "How to simplify life for the system administrator using Python", Andrey Vasilenkov, Yandex
    In our times of clouds and Big Data, it's hard to imagine a project without a data warehouse. And there seemed to be no difficulties with it - I set it, set it up and forget it. But what if the repository lives simultaneously in several data centers, it contains 4 petabytes of data, the quality of hardware and network leaves much to be desired, and the number of system administrators is limited?

    In the report, I will talk about our solution to this problem, which we called Mastermind, about how the system administrators' imagination works when a convenient tool falls into their hands, and about what problems we encountered in a distributed environment.


    Registration for the event is required - Python Party in the Yandex.Gestions section. Event
    organizer is the Moscow Python Meetup community.

    When registering for Yandex.Guests, there is an item - “What questions would you like to discuss during the event?”. I have a request, write your wishes to topics for future meetings, this will help us a lot. It can be a long and detailed review, or maybe just a hint.

    Thanks. See you on the spot.)

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