Problems using the service Yandex.Metrika

    In recent days, we observe a very strange behavior of the Yandex.Metrica service. Some sites in which you need to enter / select user data, began to behave is not very adequate. When you completely clear the browser history, the problem disappears, but then everything resumes.

    The essence of the error, as can be seen from the screenshots, is in the JS-error of the script located at . Now (11:41 04.02.2019 Moscow time) this error can be seen, for example, on the Aeroflot website, having tried to choose the direction of flight from the site’s muzzle:

    The administrators of our service (also very popular and loaded) reported a drop in traffic, the error was the same:

    Thus, we can conclude that the problem is quite common (at the moment).

    It would be interesting to know the company's position on this issue. Metric is a universal tool, this script is being implemented on many third-party pages. It seems that we have very convincing evidence of how a third-party script de facto breaks the business process on the websites of the companies where it is used.

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