How we made WordPress friendlier for a Russian user


    What does a regular user get without special skills, installing “out of the box” the most popular WordPress CMS? Some problems. Many settings are not suitable for real use, the installed design template cuts eyes and is not translated into Russian, it is not very clear where and what information to add. We also found that in all topics for this CMS there are frank flaws: problems with localization, errors of plugins and scripts, broken modules.

    At the same time, none of the Russian hosting providers provides CMS with design templates adapted for real purposes and the necessary site functionality. Usually, everything is limited only to installing a clean CMS on the hosting - everything else should be done by the client itself. We conducted a special study and found that as a result, untrained users simply refuse the service.

    We decided to meet the user's needs and fix the main problems of WordPress. To do this, we have developed a comprehensive service "Ready-made solutions for creating a site based on WordPress." Below we will talk about why this was done and how the development process took place.

    Why do we need ready-made solutions for creating a site based on WordPress

    First fact

    WordPress is one of the most popular CMS in Russia; more than 35% of sites in the .RU zone and almost 25% in the zone are created on it. This is not surprising, because the platform has a lot of advantages, including a simple and intuitive interface, a huge number of ready-made templates and add-ons (most of which are free), documentation in Russian, provides good indexing by search engines.

    Fact two

    A user with a small budget does not have many opportunities to create a high-quality website. You can use the services of a web studio, but even regional contractors charge an average of several tens of thousands of rubles for work. Therefore, all the stages of creating a web resource are on the shoulders of its owner - from preparing materials to choosing a design.

    Third fact

    In the West, there are specialized companies that are engaged in the production of design templates for WordPress. For example, one of the world's largest manufacturers of design templates TemplateMonster offers more than 2000 themes for this platform.

    Based on these facts, we decided to make a single convenient solution for Russian-speaking users of WordPress, combining the simplicity and elegance of this system with the best templates created by the international community.

    In a sense, the REG.RU team undertook to do the typical work of a freelancer or company, to which the customer comes with the requirements for the design and functionality of the new site. The main wishes have already been taken into account in our decisions and give the client a ready-made answer to the question: "How to create a high-quality website?"

    What kind of work have we done


    Structure and Functionality

    The REG.RU team identified the main types of sites that are created on WordPress, determined the main features of themes and plugins and analyzed customer requests.

    Based on the results, the most popular types of solutions were identified: blog, portfolio, company website, online store.

    Next, the basic requirements for each type of solution were formed, a list of typical site structures was compiled, and the necessary functionality was determined.

    For example, a ready-made “Online Store” has the following important features:
    • quick adding of goods;
    • creating categories;
    • convenient basket and order form;
    • description of the properties of goods with the possibility of ordering with the selected parameter
    • filters and sorting of commodity items;
    • shipping and payment methods are indicated in the basket;
    • quick registration upon purchase;
    • the opportunity to make discounts and conduct promotions;
    • sales statistics;
    • customer notification of the order of goods;
    • Product Comments
    • static sections of the site and a number of other functions.


    We found the well-established manufacturer of design templates WooThemes and adapted its solutions for the Russian consumer: we translated the administrative part, created the main sections of the site, removed unnecessary modules and added the necessary ones.


    Themes were chosen with the expectation that the user has a minimal set of site management skills, which means that only the most necessary and understandable modules should be present in the template.


    We approached the choice of hosting characteristics for each option very seriously. The user should not overpay for extra services and capacities that he will never use, and at the same time receive the most reliable and high-quality solutions. Therefore, REG.RU specialists carefully analyzed the needs of various types of web resources and formed special hosting tariffs for each type of ready-made solution , which would ensure the most effective and reliable operation of the site.

    For all hosting tariffs, we include a modern and convenient ISPmanager control panel, fast communication channels with a bandwidth of over 100 Gb / s, unlimited traffic and much more. Hosting is also protected by the free service “Protection against DDoS attacks”, which is activated automatically in case of a threat. Data safety is ensured by the backup service and monitoring and emergency warning systems. REG.RU uses only fault-tolerant servers SuperMicro and data center class Tier 3 (2N), so that the average uptime of servers is 99.9%.

    Hosting is the only thing the user pays for when purchasing the “Ready-made solutions for creating a WordPress-based website” service; the selected CMS-based solution is provided free of charge. Therefore, we tried to provide the best quality hosting at balanced rates.


    What did we get

    Now for the client everything is quite simple. The service connects to an existing domain in just a few clicks. You just need to choose the type of site and design template. Next, access to the administrative part of the site will be sent to the mail. All that remains is to add the necessary information - and the project is ready.

    In addition to ready-made solutions, REG.RU also offers specialized hosting for professionals - these are two options for automatically installing a “clean” version of WordPress on prepared hosting: classic shared hosting from REG.RU and the cloud platform Jelastic.

    When a ready-made solution is connected to the client, the instruction “How to get acquainted with the capabilities and bring the site up to date in 10 minutes” is sent to the client. In addition, the REG.RU support department will always be able to provide timely qualified assistance to all customers who have activated the service, and answers to frequently asked questions will soon be posted in the FAQ section.


    And we do not stop there

    At the start, REG.RU offers a basic set of website templates, but in the future more than 50 templates will be connected for each type of turnkey solution. In the near future, templates from GavikPro, ElegantThemes, Themify and many others will be added.

    In addition, the functionality of each type of solution will be improved based on incoming user suggestions. We strive to bring the quality of development and management capabilities to the level of popular designers, we add even unusual for WordPress content management capabilities: Drag & Drop and WYSIWYG directly on the site and others.

    In the coming months, ready-made solutions for creating sites based on other well-known CMS will also be added: Joomla, 1C-Bitrix, PrestaShop and others.

    The time for simple, “bare” services has passed. Specialized hosting plans and the installation of standard versions of CMS are no longer so interesting to the mass client. Users want to receive a product that is high-quality and adapted to their needs, which will help solve a specific business problem, and we are ready to help him.

    The main goal of REG.RU is to create the most useful product for users, so we are always open for comments and suggestions. We will be glad to read your comments about the service and opinions on what other modules and types of solutions can be useful for creating a site based on WordPress :)

    You can familiarize yourself with the terms of service on our website .

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