Devconf 2014 - Practical workshop on Laravel - for the first time in Russia

    On June 15, the day of “master classes” at DevConf 2014 , a lesson will be held for those who are interested in the Laravel framework .

    The task of the master class is to clearly demonstrate which framework tools are easily and correctly used in a real financial project, and how they “felt” the philosophy proposed by the authors of Laravel.

    Those who have already managed to become a "staunch adversary" :-) of the framework are also invited, because the leaders of the master class plan to dispel a couple of myths around some of its fundamental features.

    • Will be considered in detail and demonstrated:
    • Basic architecture on Service Providers
    • Facades and technology of "static" api
    • Substitution of "vigorous" Laravel components
    • Using IoC and Dependency Injection
    • Unit Testing with Mockery and DI
    • White and fluffy queue
    • Strict but flexible request routing
    • As well as many small and good features

    Duration 3 hours.

    See you at the first Laravel master class!

    For active participation in the master class program, ssh-access to working copies of the project will be provided, therefore:
    * prepare a laptop with wifi,
    * on which any suitable IDE is installed (for example PhpStorm, NetBeans),
    * which can remotely make changes to files by ssh (sftp);
    * and also download any ssh client in advance (for example Putty);
    * and do not forget about the git client (it may come in handy).

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