Crossword from RegEx

    CrosswordI came across the next game for programmers on the Internet.
    This time, regular expressions became the object of bullying - the authors made Regex Crossword , where instead of questions, a set of regular expressions.

    The rules are pretty simple:
    • A rule corresponds to each row and each column (at the higher levels - two rules), the answer for this cell will be a symbol corresponding to all the rules
    • To check using JavaScript RegEx
    • The answer will be a word or even a phrase corresponding to the name of the section
    • Each job has a title, which may be a hint.

    There are 9 difficulty levels, each with 5 tasks (except for the tutorial, with 9 problems and Hamlet, with 6 monstrous tasks).
    As for me - a pretty good way to start learning RegEx, remember forgotten or stretch your brains.

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    Are such games interesting to the habrasociety?

    • 87.8% Yes 588
    • 4.4% No 30
    • 7.6% are indifferent 51

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