Gitchain: a mix of github with bitcoin

    Canadian programmer Yuri Rashkovsky decided to combine two popular technologies - the Git version control system and the distributed Bitcoin database. His project Gitchain , which recently successfully raised the planned $ 10,000 on Kickstarter, according to the author’s plan, will make the Git version control system truly distributed. With the growing popularity of large public repositories such as Github, the Git system, which was originally conceived as distributed, is actually used centrally and is completely dependent on third-party servers.

    In Gitchain, a blockchain built in the image of Bitcoin stores metadata for repositories. This is reminiscent of a Namecoin network device, where domain names and their owners' data are publicly available and protected from fakes in the same way that Bitcoin network transactions are protected. The code itself and the data of the repositories are stored separately on the DHT network, since their volume can be too large and quickly inflate the chain of blocks to an unacceptable size. Here is a small screencast that demonstrates a session with Gitchain:

    Yuri Rashkovsky writes that the collected money will be enough to complete the development of the basic version of Gitchain before the end of summer. If you manage to collect $ 15,000, some advanced functions will be added - the ability to create private encrypted repositories, as well as a reward system for network participants, not only for mining blocks (proof of work), but also for storing and transmitting data (proof of storage, proof of bandwidth). This will allow you to transfer the network from the category of a hobby project for enthusiasts to something more serious and scalable.

    All Gitchain Code is Open and Available on Github under the Apache 2.0 License

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