The Russians set a record: 110 pirated films per person

    Anti-Piracy Group-IB Anti-Piracy has prepared a report analyzing the Russian pirate video market. In this area, Russians have something to be proud of. Apparently, in 2018, a new record for the number of “pirate” views will be set. Experts estimate that the number of requests in popular search engines for “watching movies and TV shows for free” amounted to almost 10 billion. Thus, based on the total audience of the RuNet ~ 90 million people, for each user, on average, there are about 110 views of pirated movies. This is about 1 movie or episode of the series in 2-3 days.

    Group-IB division announced that last year the pirate market grew by 21% to $ 85 million. So much earn criminals who post movies for free viewing on the Internet.

    Experts recorded the exact number of “screen shots” of all Russian film premieres:

    The increase in the number of thefts of cinema content caused the number of pirated copies of films totaled 211 units in 2017, which is more than 6 times higher than in the previous year (33 “screens”). At the same time, only in the first 9 months of 2018, the number of published “screenshots” has already exceeded 280 copies. Thus, almost every motion picture released in 2018 (there were 320 of them) was copied by pirates and uploaded to the network.

    Representatives of Group-IB, which are engaged in anti-piracy business, draw attention to the significant increase in the illegal distribution of video content in Russia. According to Andrey Busargin, Head of the Innovative Brand and Intellectual Property Protection Department of Group-IB, this is due, among other things, to the fact that Internet pirates are investing significant resources in creating the technological base.

    The CDN pirate network unites many servers around the world with specialized software that speeds up the “delivery” of content to the end user.
    From the Group-IB report

    Website for 10 minutes, income $ 10,000 per month

    The past year has shown that CDN technology is increasingly being used to quickly deliver movies and TV shows to users, simplify the monetization scheme and auto-fill the site with illegal video content: If earlier pirates had to spend significant resources on compiling a database of videos and movies to place them on the portal, the emergence of CDN-services makes it possible to quickly and easily fill the page of the site with diverse video content of good quality. If we talk about a large network of distribution of films and serials in Russia, then the total number of files in the database of only one pirated CDN service exceeds 300 thousand, which takes up more than 5 PBB of server space.

    In his opinion, today virtually anyone can create their own pirated resource using an available automatic script and connect a module that simplifies content placement: a new player will appear on a new pirate CDN player, through the technology of which the ability to quickly deliver content to the user is already organized. “It remains only to configure SEO for search optimization. On the one hand, access to an extensive content base and an understandable monetization scheme, on the other, allow you to create a turnkey pirated website in 10-15 minutes. ”

    Monetization of piracy activity directly depends on the volume of advertising traffic, more than 75% of which is accounted for by search engines. Commercials on pirated resources are also posted via CDN providers and are pasted into the video sequence. The amount of embedded advertising allows you to make an unequivocal conclusion: today, the main advertisers of pirated films and TV shows are online casinos and gaming sites.

    The average earnings of pirates for 1000 views is $ 3. Thus, the average monthly income from large pirate sites can reach $ 10,000. While developing and launching a pirated resource costs about $ 240. This is a very profitable business.

    The Yandex.Video platform is currently the largest pirated video service. “Yandex” can only be fought through the court, ”comments colleagues' conclusions Alexei Birdin, CEO of the Internet Video Association (combines Ivi, Megogo, TVZavr online cinemas, etc.).

    While pirate traffic in RuNet breaks records, the total revenue of legal cinemas for the first eight months of 2018 fell by 8% and amounted to only 34 billion rubles.

    Internet cleansing for money

    The anti- piracy division of Group-IB Anti-Piracy serves the interests of rights holders. Their ad says that the system monitors over 110,000 resources in Russian and English - from torrents and streaming services to groups in social networks and pirated sites on the darknet. Having signed an agreement on “clearing the Internet”, the company establishes the ultimate owners of the resources - and communicates with them directly. The system uses digital fingerprinting technology, which “allows you to compare digital copies over a whole set of parameters and identify pirated content, even if it has undergone significant changes.” The customer is provided with a web interface with clear statistics for each title (monitoring the results of stripping and monitoring the search results).

    Group-IB provides other services, including the “flawless collection of evidence for legal action” and “professional legal support of a claim”. The company already has successful experience in judicial blocking of pirate sites. You can order free testing for the Internet stripping service.

    The company lists its customers and successful cases. Group-IB claims in advertising that "99% of links can be cleared in the first seven days." This is strange, because all the films mentioned in the cases are distributed through torrent trackers in different quality options for years , and the number of downloads is in the hundreds of thousands.

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