“Levada”: only 5% of citizens of the Russian Federation consider restriction of information on the Internet unacceptable. Our alternative survey

    The Levada Analytical Center disseminated through the media information on the results of a recent survey of citizens of the Russian Federation regarding state regulation of the Network.

    According to Kommersant, the Levada Center found out that only 5% of citizens consider the Internet regulation “completely unacceptable”.


    The law, which prescribes the procedure of "deanonymization" of popular bloggers and their responsibilities, was adopted by the State Duma on April 22. Another survey from the Levada Center showed that by the end of last month 64% hadn’t heard anything about this innovation, 23% had "heard something", and 13% of those surveyed were firmly "aware" of it. When asked about “what the decision is aimed at first,” 36% answered that the law was passed “so that people who write on the Internet are responsible for their words”; 26% - "so that the authorities can control the leaders of public opinion." And 38% found it difficult to answer.

    It is also interesting that among different categories of respondents “with slight differences”, those who use it and those who do not use it say the need to regulate the network. For example, a total of 5% of respondents say that restrictions on the Internet are "completely unacceptable." And among those who use the Internet to find out news, there are 6%, which, "apparently, characterizes the active part of users." 67% restrictions in one form or another allow.

    At the same time, Levada Center claims that the statistical error in sampling 1,600 respondents in 45 regions of the Russian Federation is only 3.4%.

    The survey results are more than suspicious and resemble a government order to legitimize actions to increase restrictions on the Internet.

    Let's conduct our survey with the same questions and answer options., at the same time, I ask you to indicate in the comments your region and age, if possible, in order to then calculate how many subjects of the Russian Federation have already been covered by our study on the same issue and compile a sample by age categories.

    We, as well as Levada, will try to disseminate the results as much as possible through the media if this vote is active and with a proper sample by region and age of the survey participants.

    Yes, the below-published survey will carry for the most part the point of view of the online community. But let's at least force market analysts and sociologists not to substitute “public opinion” regarding the position of the IT sphere and imagine the real state of things and our position expressed by us, and not by semi-mythical certain people interviewed.

    UPD 1
    By evening, Levada published the result of its survey on its own resource, so you can already see exactly how the questions were asked and all the final figures.
    By the way, at the very bottom of the survey - you can evaluate it -> The
    data in this press release, in your opinion:
    - unexpected
    - important
    - interesting
    - predictable
    - controversial

    UPD 2
    Added another poll - about the age range of respondents.
    Request to all to be noted in this survey (including those who indicated their age in the comments)

    UPD 3 I
    ’ll torture you a bit more - a survey about your location has been added))
    Please answer only to those who participated in the survey on sabzh.

    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

    In your opinion, regulation and limitation of the dissemination of information on the Internet ...

    • 3.9% Needed 370
    • 2.4% quite acceptable 230
    • 29.4% Allowed, but Not Abused 2778
    • 63.4% Completely unacceptable 5,973
    • 0.7% Difficult to answer 67

    Have you heard anything about the law on bloggers?

    • 2.1% Heard Nothing 206
    • 16.4% heard something 1543
    • 81.3% Know about him 7622

    What is the decision to adopt the law on bloggers directed at first?

    • 9.6% so that people who write on the Internet are responsible for their words 896
    • 86% so that authorities can control opinion leaders 7962
    • 4.2% Unable to answer 394

    Your age (who participated in the survey)

    • 9.4% from 17 to 20 years 519
    • 67.8% from 21 to 30 years 3730
    • 19.3% from 31 to 40 1064
    • 3.3% older than 41 years 182

    I live in ... (who participated in the survey)

    • 56% in Russia, regional center 919
    • 14.9% in Russia, a district center or other large or medium city 245
    • 6% in Russia, a small city, urban-type settlement, etc. 99
    • 1% in Russia, village, village, village, etc. 18
    • 3.9% outside Russia, but I have Russian citizenship 65
    • 17.8% outside Russia and do not have Russian citizenship 293

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