One day at the Veeam Software office in St. Petersburg

    Hello! My name is Andrey, I work at Veeam Software. Since there was only one article on Habré about my company , and even that looked more like a historical excursion, I would like to fill the void and talk about the modern Russian office of Veeam.

    For those who are not in the know, I’ll just remind you that the Veeam IT startup was founded in 2006 by a small group of St. Petersburg specialists, and today, after 8 years of existence, the company employs 1,300+ employees worldwide.

    Who cares to know the details, please, under the cat.

    When I was at university, I always thought that to work in a modern international company, I would have to leave Russia at least for Europe, and even for North America. However, when I got a job at Veeam in St. Petersburg, I realized that I was wrong.

    About company

    As mentioned above, Veeam Software (contrary to the common misconception is pronounced “Wim” and not “Viam”) was founded in 2006. The company itself is a project of several people, including Ratmir Timashev and Andrey Baronov. Friends in life and partners in the previous project, “Aelita Software”, they invested funds received from the sale of Aelita in Veeam.

    Today, the company makes monitoring and backup products for virtual machines based on VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V. This direction turned out to be promising, and most importantly profitable against the background of the widespread spread of virtualization (of course, provided that you offer a really good product).

    The structure of the company

    Over the 8 years of its existence, the company has gone from an unknown startup in the field of virtual media backup products to a place in the quadrant of “industry visionaries” in the “magic quadrant” of Gartner analytic company. Currently, it employs more than 1,300 people in 17 offices around the world (in America, Europe and Asia). One of the largest of them is 2 offices in St. Petersburg - all product development (R&D and Q&A) is concentrated here, multilingual sales, technical support and marketing teams work.

    We will tell you more about each of them. Marketing and Sales teams are located in the Plaza Business Center.

    Developers (as well as testers and technical support) are located in the Kondratyevsky Business Center.


    Since I work in the BC Plaza, I will talk more about him. Veeam's office is spread over 4 floors. Access inside, of course, through a magnetic pass. The design has a lot of glass and green (the color of the company, rhymes well with the name: green Veeam).

    Those who come to the company, as expected, are met with bread by the salt of the girl at the reception.

    At the front desk there is a map of Eurasia, on which the places of birth of employees are marked with dots.

    Everywhere you can see information about corporate values, for example, “We are optimistic and believe in ourselves”, “We help each other to add success”, “We are sincere and open” and “We are self-sufficient, but always glad to see new talented people in the team.”

    The design used elements of the theme of Star Wars. The names of the meeting rooms are the names of the planets. Each time, I tremble at the invitation to meet on the "death star."

    Meeting room Tatooine and local jokes.

    Inside her.

    On the floors there are kitchens where you can safely eat and enjoy a beautiful view of the Neva. Coffee, tea, milk, cookies - in unlimited access :)

    In general, the view of the Neva is not only from the kitchen

    EMEA marketing team at work.

    PR department and a small corner with awards.

    The average age of company employees is 26 years. We love young and ambitious people and are not “afraid” to attract senior students. In the photo - sysmetic conducts one of the lectures for students in the specialty "product management".

    The work schedule in the company is quite comfortable for people. Mandatory working hours of presence in the office are from 12.00 to 18.00. The rest of the time - the schedule is flexible, but most people prefer to work in the evening. No bullying on the body and city traffic jams.

    Often, employees need to make business trips to other company offices and / or work conferences. Of course, it all depends on the position and field of activity, but when applying for a staff you need to be prepared for this.
    Pictured is Barcelona Airport during the VMworld 2013 conference.

    Since the company is international, communication between employees from different countries takes place in English. But, of course, the most interesting thing is to get acquainted with colleagues offline, after electronic communication. Meeting a foreigner in the kitchen for a cup of coffee quickly became a habit.

    The design also contains flags of the countries with which this or that office corner is working. An

    open atmosphere makes a great impression: everyone is very friendly, greets each other in the kitchen, wishes a “bon appetit”, even if they don’t know the names :)

    The company has developed a corporate culture and A healthy lifestyle is encouraged. We have our own football team, guys play in the amateur league between the companies.

    Every week - beach volleyball training takes place

    Both offices have kicker tables and even professional players who share their experience and are always happy to show a master class.

    I just found a tense game.

    We also have a corporate offline library - you can take any book and read. Well, if the desired book was not there, but it is needed for productive work, then it can be ordered from HR. In the photo there is only one department of the library

    . Teams have trips and teambuildings, most often they are trips out of town, cooking courses, curling.


    The company is developing at a rapid pace, we expect an increase in the team by the end of 2014 by about 30%. In October, Veeam will host its first international conference in Las Vegas, VeeamON 2014, for customers and partners, with more than 1,000 participants expected. Visitors are expected 3 days of training, communication and, of course, interesting surprises that cannot yet be revealed.

    I would also like to remind you that we have a separate career portal , and you need to look for fresh jobs there.

    Come visit, we are always glad to see you;)


    As a bonus, I can offer an excellent video from the guys from the sales team, in which you can see their view on working in the company.


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