May 20-22, ICAgile Certified Professional training in St. Petersburg

    ICAgile International Consortium and Luxoft invite you to take a training on Agile software development methodologies with obtaining the international ICAgile Certified Professional certificate .


    Participants in the practical class from Luxoft, a member of the International Consortium for Agile, will learn from games and simulations that Agile is primarily a philosophy based on values ​​and principles, and not just another set of methodologies. This class provides a deep understanding of the principles of organizational flexibility, the principles of self-organization, modern approaches to team management, interaction within the team and with customers.

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    An extended three-day certification course is designed primarily to:
    Get to know the full concept of the Agile approach, understand Agile as a mindset and a general approach to organizing development processes. Participants will be able to learn to determine whether the level of interaction between people in their project is sufficient, increase it by simple methods and track the availability of a continuous flow of value delivery to customers.
    Systematize knowledge on the basic principles of agile development ( from starting work on a project to releasing and supporting a working product)
    Introduce course participants to the basic approaches of modern software development
    Get an international ICAgile certificate , valid in all countries of the world and guaranteeing the quality and standardization of knowledge in your team.

    The course details the following concepts:
    • History and background of the Agile movement
    • People and their interactions
    o Agile thinking and cultural transformation
    o Team work organization, leadership in Agile
    o Learning Models and Feedback Cycles
    o Effective Communication and Collaboration Practices
    • Running Software o Business
    Value Based Development
    o Business Intelligence and Management Nost
    o Built-in quality control, engineering practice and continuous delivery
    • Interaction with the customer
    o Roles, responsibilities and interaction
    o Planning and evaluation
    o Visualization of the overall picture
    o Getting feedback
    • Response to changes
    o Design of systems as a process of gaining knowledge
    o Adaptation of the product and project
    o Lean development
    • Popular Agile methodologies (Scrum, XP, Kanban)

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    About ICAgile
    The Agile International Consortium is an independent agency like PMI, IIDA and ScrumAlliance, which issues a limited number of Agile certificates to trusted professionals. ICAgile was co-founded and supported by Alistair Coburn, one of the most famous and influential Agile practitioners, co-author and initiator of the Agile manifest. ICAgile is developing a training program for agile software development, attracting the best experts from around the world. The consortium builds a training program, accredits courses and trainers, and thus allows students to obtain certification. ICAgile does not compare courses with each other, nor does it conduct training on its own.

    Information about the training:
    Trainers : The training will be conducted by a certified Luxoft trainer Semyon Petkov
    Mesto: Luxoft office in St. Petersburg (Business Center “Autumn” Sverdlovskaya embankment, house 44, letter Y)
    Date : May 20-22

    Training cost:
    28,500 p.
    The cost of the training includes training for three days, coffee breaks, handouts and a certificate.
    Training language : Russian, but all materials and terminology are studied in English, this approach maximizes the perception of the material.
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