Yandex.Money card insides - MasterCard PayPass

    Recently, banks started issuing Visa / MasterCard cards with one-touch payment - PayPass, by radio. I was interested to see how it works - so I mercilessly “dismantled” the Yandex.Money MasterCard. The autopsy results are under the cut.

    It will also be interesting to assess the complexity and production technology of the “card” chip, in the light of the current talk about “national payment systems”.

    The first layer of the card is dissolved in acetone. Now the antenna became visible:

    The chip itself: 2 contacts go to the antenna, 5 - for a physical connection. By the way, the card is visible on an Android phone with NFC, identified as Type A (ISO / IEC 14443-4 Smart Card and ISO / IEC 7816-4 - Proximity Payment System Environment). Accordingly, the chip works like metro tickets - at a frequency of 13.56 MHz, receiving power at the same frequency.

    The microcircuit itself is larger: The entire surface of the microcircuit is covered with metallization, so that it is impossible to interfere with the microcircuit without additional difficulties: I accidentally crushed the chip from the first card when I tried to tear it off, the second chip was coated with a black coating during etching : they mix something into the glass I made a mistake. Nevertheless, we were able to see the static and flash memory, evaluate their size and technology: on the chip about 2.5kB SRAM, 32kB flash, production technology ~ 350nm: So there are no special super technologies here, for comparison - micron chips for the metro are even more modern technologically (180nm, operating at the same frequency of 13.56MHz - although the protocol there is certainly easier by orders of magnitude).

    PS. Is there any Yandex.Money support / security service among the readers? Please write to me in the mail from the work address, a question arose regarding your part.

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