Overclock Brain or Internal Virtualization of Consciousness

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Does everyone remember this movie? What the hell is he doing on Habré? And in general, what does a similar post do here?
Probably because I think that the main link in IT is still a person, or rather his brain. I’ll try to talk about another opportunity to use my brain a little more efficiently. One of the poorly documented opportunities that we use every day, but not always even remember this. Everything described was checked on me. If I haven’t tried something, but it’s important to talk about it especially. No drugs, devices, or bullying, only easy-to-use light techniques (in short, lay down and overslept, not even getting out of bed).
And yes ... It's terribly realistic, so much so that having tried it, you cannot but tell about it.

So that there would be no extra cries in the comments, I’ll ask all who are ardent supporters of any religion and confession, as well as convinced esotericists, to immediately put a minus in karma and not read further. There will be no philosophy and great universal secrets. And the rest I ask for cat - I’ll try to talk about my practice of accelerating the brain using the built-in functions.

All of you have dreams. And this is normal. How many times did you wake up, how could you not believe that it was a dream, was it so real? How many times have you thought that you did / saw something, but actually it never happened? And how many times have you wanted to see a dream where you can meet lost people? How would it be convenient if in a dream someone suggested how to do / fix / fix some thing, project, car in the end?
As you guessed, I will talk about control over dreams, or rather about entering a dream and receiving information and feelings. That is what is most important for many of us. Why I asked not to read the post to very convinced people - they require philosophical justifications, familiar terminology and mystical goals. I’ll talk about practice, a simple practice accessible to everyone. And everyone should deal with philosophy and the moral and ethical side of the issue himself, well, or at special forums.

And so: the techniques are available to everyone and everyone, regardless of gender, skin color, religious affiliation or mental abilities. Possible problems are only those who have a damaged brain or have impaired functioning. They also have access to practice, but most likely it will have different principles and a different approach (I don’t have exact data, I haven’t checked on anyone).

How it works

I'm not sure that there are people who are 100% aware of how all the processes in our brain go. But we do not really need this knowledge. Many people know what virtualization is. And how can it be in our head?
When we go to bed, the brain goes through several phases of sleep, many also know this. On the latter, which is called the Rapid Sleep Phase (FBS), processes begin that are very similar to the wakeful state, with only one difference - the signals are closed inward. In the normal state, the signal from the eyes enters the brain, where the hand movement command is processed and issued, and then information is received along the feedback circuit about the position of the hand and about what the hand felt. But in a dream, the signal from the eyes, and the signal to the hand and hand, does not go beyond the brain. And so that we would not jump like cats and dogs, the brain slows down the signals from the brain to the limbs (the only ones who do not obey this are the eyeballs, they continue to move, and it’s easy to calculate whether the person is in phase or not). It turns out everything that we perceive and send commands to the body,
Here is such a virtual machine of perception.

From here follows an interesting fact that must be used - the more you feel and perceive the virtual body, the sharper and longer your stay in the space of sleep. (We’ll definitely return to this with retention techniques).

The most important thing is safety!

Everyone who has ever heard of meditation, trips to the astral plane (this word infuriates me too, but it exists), dream management are firmly convinced - this is very dangerous. But then it’s dangerous to sleep, you can see a dream and get stuck there. Not when did you think about this annoying non-docking? These are all beautiful myths. At the stage that will be discussed, there are no such dangerous things. The most dangerous thing is to do it in your pants from fear or delight.
All that you meet in a dream is your subconscious with your cockroaches and beliefs. If you want enemies and monsters - get it right away, you want heavenly pleasures - "get it, sign it." When you practice yourself you will laugh at how you knock on your chest with your foot, everyone will argue that this is extremely dangerous!
Even with all the safety, the technician has safety precautions:
- It is not advisable to independently return from sleep (it is better to wait for the release).
- Do not bring yourself to tantrums if you can’t. If it does not work, take a break for 2-3 weeks.
- Before performing life-threatening actions, make sure that this is a phase state. If you are not sure, just do things safe. Even if you practice, remember to turn on the brain.

About safety and how it relates to physiology.

1. No matter what happens, no matter where you are thrown you will be thrown all the same - FBS lasts a maximum of 15 minutes. When this phase ends, you will either be thrown into wakefulness or you will simply fall asleep in an ordinary dream.
2. It is better not to do an independent exit from the phase space, with this outcome, you can return to the body, but the “fuse for movement” has not turned off. In this case, you will fall into your own body, which, well, does not obey you. This is actually scary, many even think that they have died. But scary does not mean harmful or dangerous!
3. You have already returned (well, you were very scared, with whom it doesn’t happen) and the body does not obey you, you panic ... Relax and just wait for the end of the phase, well, or go back to sleep. Most likely you are inside a dream and space can still be repaired to you.
4. Beginners (like everyone) have stoppers when not rushing and that's it. They scored and rested for several weeks. Any energy and emotion behaves like ordinary muscles - they sometimes get tired and they need rest. Practice should be fun even when it doesn’t work out. I understand that if you try, the first thing you score on will be this point. But I think you will return to him.
5. The phase state and virtual space of this reality is very similar to reality. Confusing reality with sleep is very easy, be on the alert, and everything will be fine with you.
6. No, it’s not possible to get stuck there, several levels are also not quite true (although you can try and everyone needs to try). Without these elements, the Inception movie would not have worked.

In fact, such cases are rare and usually occur at the beginning of the experiment. The real problem for this kind of phase travel is staying inside sleep. From there it throws out like a cork from under champagne. Also, any external sound, rustle, touch kicks out instantly. But more on that later.

Why is all this necessary (what can you do about it)

As mentioned earlier, I am convinced that using all the capabilities of the brain makes a person smarter, better. Let in a world where many smart people be harder, but the world will be more interesting and more beautiful. We have philosophized and that's enough, we turn to the practical side.

1. Entertainment
The sweetest component of this phenomenon.
Here you can do everything: run, shoot, fly, travel and much more, what your imagination is capable of. To feel like a hero / heroine of love affairs - please, you wanted to run with a gun and tear off a couple of goals - please fly to the moon or to Mars - just have time to choose your desires.
The only caveat is that you have to feel this world every split second. It’s not possible to relax, otherwise it will be kicked out. Thus, you can’t lie down on the beach in the Maldives, although playing beach soccer, swimming, beating the shark is quite an ordinary and useful pastime. But you can forget about the moral and ethical side - no one here sees you, and can never know what you were doing here. This is your world, your paradise, your ...
The item can be expanded to disgrace. The main thing is not to forget to move.

2. Getting information
This is the most useful, because it is always useful to get information from the depths of the subconscious. Although there is too much debate about the source of knowledge. Depending on your worldview, choose your favorite item (you can do it all at once):
- these are secret corners of the subconscious, and our brain is able to process and store huge amounts of data, knowledge, skills, feelings and sensations;
- This is a universal information bank to which the brain can connect in this state, and receive any data;
- this is the Akashic Record ;
- this is genetic memory;
“The place for your idea is free.”
The most important thing is that the information is and is available. How and where it came from is for you to find out, but for now we’ll figure out how to get it and check it.

I. Obtaining information from living objects.
It can be any acquaintance who can know the answer to the question, any famous person (at least Aristotle, the main thing that could explain), an authoritative person - a sage, an angel or someone else you can imagine. When he finds his object, ask him your question in the most ordinary and simple wording. Remember that your brain can come up with an answer and give the desired result (especially when you are waiting for a specific answer), this requires a check.
The check is carried out in the same way - ask a simple question: what is my name, how much will 2 +2, the nickname of my first cat ... If the answers are adequate, then you can believe the answer to the main question, but you always need to check in real life.

An example of a search for a fault in the machine.
Recently, miracles began with the machine, it sometimes does not start. Moreover, the cold is always with a half turn, and after warming up sometimes it just does not respond to the turn of the key.
The forums gave clues but everyone pointed to a starter. It's time to check, and on the weekend I dug into silence and sleep. The breakthrough was the simplest - I woke up and opened my eyes, saw a pale window opposite the bed, but the window was on the left, which means I did not open my eyes, but was already on the verge of phase. I reached for the window and the sensations were as if I were reaching for it through gelatin. At some point, suddenly the viscosity was over, and I was standing in front of the mirror in my room. The usual room is at 5 am, it is dark dull and gray, but this is often the case when you exit - the weak phase must be made clear. Feeling all that is around, I once again fucked up with realism (I probably will never get used to it). I touched, hit everything with my hands and tried to make out everything I could and the picture blossomed with all the colors of a normal sunny day. I rushed to the kitchen On the way to the window, I grabbed a tomato and chewed it up to check the taste sensations - an ordinary tomato, with the most ordinary taste. From the window I saw that on the contrary there is simply no neighboring high-rise building - it means exactly the phase. I opened the window and jumped out the window, trying to find where my car was parked in flight, but plopped down without seeing. It is not, but will appear when necessary.
- Arthur! I shouted, as loudly as possible, and imagined the face of our "family auto mechanic."
“Yes, dear,” behind his voice came an Armenian accent. Turning around, I saw the one I needed coming out of the neighboring entrance. Without breaking away from him, I put my hand on the hood of the car, with the confidence that it was mine.
- Tell me what's wrong with the machine: the oil leaves and starts badly at times.
He came up and opened the hood, and showed which gaskets should be replaced (he had not yet checked, but in my opinion they really are). (Addition: last year, these gaskets were replaced, hit 99%)
- And what about the ignition?
“Look inside, it seems there are problems,” Arthur answered and leaned back to the engine.
And I opened the car door, and saw a disassembled steering column with hanging wires of the ignition switch. The maximum task was completed, and I missed the moment when everything swam, and I already felt like lying on the bed.
In the morning I dismantled the steering column, and it turned out that the contact group of the lock had simply worn out. So the problem was solved.

II. Getting information from non-material objects.
As in real life - find a book and read it. And you can also use magazines, paintings, photographs and ... google. Why not? But be sure to try everything!
III. Get into an event or see the plot of the event.
You want to see how this or that event looked, try to be at its epicenter or observe from the side (many would like to look at the epicenter of the explosion at the infamous nuclear power plant). Or maybe you want to see what your finished project looks like, which is at the design stage? Why not?
An example of my travel friend in 1986.
My good friend, he loves abandoned objects and all kinds of “nuclear stories” very much. The history of the Chernobyl accident, he knows thoroughly. I told him many times that you can try to see what was really there, but he waved it off and twisted his finger at the temple. But a bad story did not happen, and for some time he did not work, and there was a lot of free time. And once he told me that he was at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, he saw everything, he saw the moment of the explosion and stood in that hall, he saw how everything was flying apart, and what the TV people told was not entirely true, they omitted many moments or did not tell them on purpose. But he is a skeptic, and refused to believe in such things until he tried.

IV. Direct receipt of information directly into consciousness.
As a child, when I tried to find out from my little sister how she knew about sweets and who told her this, I often heard the answer: I myself know, I know and that’s it! I used to laugh, but now I don’t laugh.
To use this method, you just need to think that the information is already known to you and try to apply it. It sounds absurd, but it's all a matter of practice. This is the basis of the method, pure information “without crutches”. The 3 previous methods are just crutches that help your mind perceive information.

After receiving the information you need, it is advisable to wait for the release in order to wake up completely and record (fix) the result. Often information is simply forgotten from a huge stream of information and emotions.

In any case, regardless of the results, turn on the head, re-check all the results. Do not believe anything blindly!

3. Improvement
This topic is little suitable for the theme of this site, but it is impossible not to mention.
Everyone understands (even if they do not want to believe) that most diseases are from “nerves” or from a “bad head”.
Our body clearly submits to our mood. And if lingering depression? And if a few? And this is not the worst. It happens that our way of thinking and acting launches subconscious routines that successfully destroy us. This can not be cured with drugs, the maximum suppress the consequences. But this is not a treatment, but a delay ... Therefore, subconscious “diseases” (well, let's call them parasites of the subconscious) can be treated with subconscious-conscious potions. Yes, this is precisely the suggestion itself, only directly to the subconscious, because the filters of consciousness are now weakened.
Phase sleep treatment is not very different from conventional treatment:
I. Being in phase reality, you are looking for a cure that would help you. It doesn’t have to be a real medicine, a blue bottle with red capsules will come off, on which will be written “Exit from the Matrix” or “From heart diseases”. Here the most important point is to feel the effect of the medication received. Feel how the fire flares up in the stomach, as it flows to the sore spot and heals. The more colorful the sensation, the better the effect. The procedure will be repeated as often as possible, from once the effect will not be much. With repeated repetition, the subconscious mind accepts the idea of ​​the health of the body, and does everything that is needed.
II. You need to find a doctor, and as in the section "Getting Information", you can simply ask what medicine you need, or ask to have a procedure or even an operation, right in the phase state. Again, it is important to feel the effect. This is far more important than the formalities of the procedures.
III. Just feel that a sore spot is recovering. This is the basis of previous methods. But it does not pass with everyone, because the barriers of consciousness and subconsciousness will not always miss such a thing. The same thing, only without crutches.
IV. A separate point should be noted treatment of fears. Unlike the rest of the items, this method is used in medicine extremely often. And newfangled and proven psychological centers very often teach their clients this method, and sometimes they introduce them into banal hypnosis, where they make clients face their fears face to face. And since in the phase it is very realistic, a person has to face and conquer fears. A strange fact: creating a situation where a phobia manifests itself and when faced with it in a conscious phase, a person very often stops being afraid of it. How it works, I have no idea, but my fear of heights passed (no, I don’t go along the ledges, but I perceive fear adequately).

4. Training

For a long time in the world practice of sports they use the methods of virtual training, when the athlete is sleeping or just lying and working out the necessary movements in the imagination. The effect is colossal. And this must be applied not only to athletes. In the phase state, you can quite work out the manner of driving a car, a bicycle.
As an example, everyone imagines how much one parachute jump costs. But he’s the first jump on that and the first, and if you need to work out what thread? This is crazy money. But all this can be perfectly worked out lying on your favorite couch. This despite the fact that there is not any cost. And those who say that a real leap cannot be compared with anything - just try it, then I will be ready to discuss everything with you, but not earlier.
You can also try direct acquisition of skills. But this is probably already aerobatics, I still do not quite succeed.

5. Testing.
You educated people, and remember a person like Nikola Tesla. Many even heard that he clearly knew which element of his inventions and when it would fail. He claimed that he assembled this apparatus in his virtual laboratory and that all experiments corresponded to real actions. For me a few years ago, it seemed fantastic and miraculous. Now I'm starting to understand how this was done. Recently I came across information that the ingenious designer Korolev used something similar ... He walked for a few minutes at the unit or module and swung (it looks like a trance), then issued that there was a defect in some spare part, and it could break everything, check always showed the correctness of his guesses. Miracle? I don’t know, the fact remains
And who is stopping us from doing the same ... After all, everyone has similar tasks. Even on a habr there was already a similar post where lipa already uses similar technology for testing of the project .

Types of phase dreams and various entry methods.

The astral, astral projections and similar definitions often scare away people who do not like to watch REN TV. Yes, and these definitions do not have clear boundaries, and each author strives to use them according to his conviction. You want, use these words, you want to invent your own. I do not want to attach to words, I need to convey the meaning of a phenomenon that has existed since the time humanity has existed. I asked not to read the esotericists, they are infuriated by any topic where the highest ideals and techniques available to units turn out to be simple everyday things. This is someone you want to infuriate if you spent 10 years training and self-development, rebuilt your thinking for the sake of higher goals and practices, and the jerk came and said: “Yes, I learned this in a month!” I would also yell ...
And the funniest thing for real practice is sometimes not even necessary to take special actions - he woke up and entered a phase state. All!

And so, the methods differ:
- standalone
All methods that use only the capabilities of your body and psyche. This is the easiest method and the most effective. You do not need additional funds or devices, you and only you. Why use anything if nature has endowed us with this skill from birth.

- Not autonomous
Non-autonomous methods include those that use external catalysts for this condition, such as cacti, narcotic substances, special diets and foods (although this is more a suggestion) and all kinds of devices or programs (as an example of Aurora: The Dream-Enhancing Headband )
The main problem is that it is ineffective. Medicines in general can cause a bunch of side effects + addiction, complications ... Hardware helps 1-2 times, and not always. And then the brain just adapts to them and you can give the gadget to a friend. Sometimes other things can also play the role of such devices: when I bought a watch with a projection onto the ceiling, I even accidentally got into a phase, had a dream and they helped me enter this state. But only once. The application on my mobile phone has never entered my phase. I will not raise this question further.

Autonomous phase entry techniques:
- Through a lucid dream
The simplest, but difficult to call (often spontaneous) method. I am sure all of you, at least once found yourself inside a dream. This is when you go to sleep and it suddenly dawned on you - this is not real. And you start to do what you want. But I can say more, this happens very often, but the trouble is that we do not remember about it. We don’t remember, it doesn’t count. Regarding this technique, many books have been written, not all of them are true, not all of them are qualitative, but you can study. But the technique has a drawback - the preparation takes a lot of time and is not quite simple. Every day you need to notice everything, see, remember, at any second wait for a dirty trick from the world, because it can be a dream every second. You won’t earn paranoia, and it’s not pumping the brain weakly, but the brain is constantly adapting, and dreams will be clearer and better, which means it will be more difficult to catch a dream by the tail. Although a couple of years and you will be a pro in this ... For a long time? Then send on.

- Through indirect techniques
This is the main technique that I will talk about. The essence of indirect techniques is that a person begins to practice some techniques at the time of awakening during sleep. It can be any dream, even if it lasted 15-20 minutes. Its simplicity lies in the fact that when we wake up (natural awakenings during sleep) we are already in the right (phase) state or very close, since we either left the FBS or have not yet left it, so we need a minimum of effort to get out .
Its advantages:
- It uses time during sleep, you do not need to allocate additional time;
- The brain is in the right condition, and it does not need to be pre-cooked
- Surfacing from sleep (mini-awakening) is quite common after 6 hours of sleep, this morning you can make many attempts;
- It did not work out - but slept;
- Relative simplicity - for the first experiments the only correct method (sometimes you don’t even have to do anything);
- “A place for your idea”

- Through direct techniques
I’ll just mention them, the more you have the Internet, you can always find. Everything, including myself, I ask you not to go into this method until you work out the entrance to the phase state through indirect techniques. Although whom I’m deceiving ... you will still try, with the thought that it will be easier for you to start with these techniques. We are all like that;)
The method and its techniques are that you enter the phase state without preliminary sleep, i.e. just lay down and started to enter. But remember, the brain does not know what you want to do, and you still have to prepare it. And without a clear sense of what exactly you need to get, you will very often fly past a condition.
If you want, let's call it aerobatics, and for now, clear our beaks of yellow color (including myself).

Depth of phase state (Phases)

Since this is not a dream, the perception in it is a little different. Sleep is often perceived as slightly muddy, unsteady, soft. Although there are super realistic dreams.
In the phase, everything is a little different. You are aware and this changes the perception itself, because now you can evaluate the quality of the sensations you experience.
Usually use a percentage scale of quality, where 100% is the usual state of wakefulness. It is necessary to strive for this, but this is not the limit. For the phase, it is quite normal 120% and higher. Therefore, it causes so many emotions - everything can be much brighter, clearer there, the sensations are much sharper there. It is extremely difficult to describe, but once you try it, I think you will not need beautiful words. How to make the phase clear and long will be described in other sections.

The practical part is how to do it.

This is the most difficult point for me, because somehow I need to shove a few paragraphs of the pages 300 of the printed text. It is clear that I can only hint at the big picture and give an idea of ​​entering the phase state. If this interests you, you can always read the original. I will not give links and names - this is advertising in its purest form (although the original is distributed free of charge).

So, let's begin.

Exactly! The most important thing is sensation. As I said earlier, due to virtualization, our brain begins to turn all the outputs to the inputs, and the inputs to the outputs. And for the stability of the sensations we receive, we must fully perceive the virtual world and protect ourselves as much as possible from the real world. At the time of attempts, it is desirable, but not necessary:
- get rid of extraneous noise (ear plugs or a quiet secluded place);
- reduce lighting to a minimum (curtains or a face mask);
- find a place where no one will disturb you (if there is no room, then it is quite possible to lie on a separate mattress, or even on the floor)
- ask that no one bothers you, and expel cats and dogs from the room
With interfering, this is generally a different story. They are called ********** terrorists. As I said, any touch will pull you out of phase, which means a purring fluffy lump on your chest will definitely do it. And the most interesting thing is that he can do it just a couple of three times, and it will seem to you that he does it every time you enter a phase state. The cat will have nothing to do with it, this subconscious is making fun. If this still happened, check each time - whether you are really knocked out, or if you are trapped in the subconscious (Verification techniques will be lower).

Brief instruction

I. Preparing an action plan for the phase state
This is almost the most important part of the whole practice. An action plan is what you should do once in the phase, and you need to prepare the plan in advance, since everything is quickly forgotten in the phase, and it is difficult and long to come up with it. In the meantime, you think the phase is gone and you again lie in bed. If the plan is so-so, then the solution will be either so-so or not at all. The brain and subconscious mind need serious motivation. At first, the very expectation of a phase can drive, but then motivation is needed. For the first experiments (not in one phase, but in several inputs), be sure to do these actions:
- look in the mirror;
- eat your favorite fruit / dish;
- drink alcohol;
- fly;
- Feel the pyramids in Egypt.
These actions do not need to be done at a time. Dilute with your goals.
IMPORTANT: A high-quality goal and a good desire can get you in phase without techniques! This is especially often manifested with Lucid Dreams (OS).

II. We go to bed and sleep for about 6 hours
The time is average, and everyone drives it for themselves, we need to achieve a state where you’ve almost slept, but you can still sleep for a couple of hours: if you’re too sleepy, just “oversleep” the active interval, if you’re too awake, you will wake up and already unlikely to succeed. But you need to try anyway.

III. Interrupt sleep for a few seconds / minutes / hours
To achieve a floating state of consciousness: often fall asleep, often wake up, sleep must be interrupted. The break time is regulated depending on the state:
- you want to sleep too much - wake up for longer.
- too vigorous - for a few seconds, so as not to spoil the dream.
Usually it is 3-5 minutes, take a sip of water and repeat the action plan.

IV. We sleep and wait for the moment of awakening, we catch every ascent from sleep
Consciousness is asleep and the moment of awakening is sometimes difficult to catch. But the whole thing is practice.

V. If you woke up without movement, try point VI, if you woke up due to movement, then go to point VII
And move on.

VI. We make an attempt to enter the phase (often called the separation with the body (stencil), which does not always correspond to the sensations.
As mentioned earlier, most often when waking up we are in the state we need. Therefore, waking up without moving, we immediately try to get up / get out / roll out / somersault / fly up / swim away or any similar action (which involves changing the position of the body) BUT NOT STRENGTHENING MUSCLES. Without straining muscles - this is the main condition for any action there. When you are happy with yourself to tell everyone about this experience, the answer to the question - “How can you not strain your muscles?”, The answer will be: “Easy!”. The closest to this definition is the word Intention, that is, you want to raise your hand but do not exert muscular efforts, but the hand tells you that it has risen. More precisely, it will probably not be possible to say the language barrier between emotions and graphic symbols.

VII. If you didn’t get into the phase right away, we start sorting through the entry techniques.
I will describe the techniques myself a little later (otherwise too many investment levels will work out). The bottom line is that we are starting to check our condition and enter it into a phase state. As soon as we find that we are in a phase state, we are either pulled into it by itself, or we do the same as in paragraph V - i.e. try to get up / get out / roll out / somersault / fly up / swim away.
If iterating over all the techniques does not produce any results within 1 minute, we calm down and do not spoil the following attempts - we simply fall asleep. By the way, the subconscious mind sometimes makes fun - only you let go of the tension - hop and you are in phase. This usually happens when there is “too much desire” (excessive potential in scientific language). So you should always approach with a cold heart.

Viii. We are in phase - and then what?
First of all, we evaluate the situation:
- if all the sensations are clear and the picture is bright, then we immediately go to fulfill the plan.
- if everything is cloudy, the feelings are ambivalent (either lie on the bed or stand), then we are trying to deepen the state. To deepen this means to make the world of sensations clear, to completely drag the flow of perception of reality into the virtual world. You need to perceive, which means: to feel, run, jump, fly, peer, hurt yourself (this is necessary for fixing in phase, and not to show masochistic inclinations). Thus, in the "muddy phase" if you do not see anything, sit down and feel with your hands everything under your feet. There is nothing under your feet, feel your feet, examine your fingers. Try to see your hands through power, and soon they will appear together with the whole world.
What place to feel? Our scientists answered this question, remember Homunculus? Examine the picture and “feel” everything in the most productive places - hands, tongue, lips ... Pain and fear are also well fixed in phase, but they almost do not work for me, that is, very rarely.

It happens that he woke up in absolute darkness and weightlessness. Here you just need to close your eyes and fly (feel the movement, feel the flight) to the right place, for example, to Egypt to the pyramids. Opening your eyes is likely to be in the right place. Kind with healthy.

IX. I’m following the action plan and suddenly everything floated
The state of the phase is a very fragile thing, it knocks out from there very quickly. Therefore, we touch and feel everything during the entire phase. It is possible and necessary to carry out any actions in parallel. For example, look at a book and chew an apple, listen to your interlocutors and feel yourself or your surroundings. It is possible and more vulgar, but you yourself are somehow.
If suddenly you feel it’s already swam and nothing is working, try to grab onto the scenery of sleep. This feeling often remains when you return to the body, as if you were still partially left in a dream. Holding on to "sleep" with the same hand or with both hands (that's how you grab it, maybe even with your mouth), drag yourself back into phase.
If it is knocked out completely, we just go back and rush to the victorious. Keep in mind that an outburst may not be in reality - but in an embedded dream, this very often happens. The number of dreams invested can be very large. It’s just not possible to distinguish, and so we get up and do a reality check. With experience, recognition will be given to you better, but the jokes of the subconscious are unlikely to go away.

Now let’s take a look at the techniques themselves.
And so, split after awakening, we did not succeed. We try 3-5 seconds, but the body is pinned to the bed and no sensations. Then we begin the search for techniques. To be honest, the technician is unlimited, and soon you will develop your own. Now we will familiarize ourselves with the generally accepted. From the general list, you select 2-3 pieces and start them in a circle, with one condition - after 5-6 cycles we make a small gap. About it will be discussed below.
* For compactness, the techniques are hidden under the spoilers, the description of the techniques is taken from the book I studied, and I better say it didn’t work out. I don’t want to call a book because of advertising. If everyone considers it necessary, I will definitely call and give links. The title of the book can cause unnecessary and unjustified malice and disgust. Personally, I am very grateful to the author of the book, and the name does not bother me at all.
3-5 seconds try to imagine as aggressively as possible that you are swimming or just doing swimming movements with your hands. Try to feel it at all costs and as bright as possible. If nothing happens, the technique changes to another. If the feeling of swimming begins to arise, then the technique does not need to be changed. Instead, you need to strengthen the sensations that arise, after which there is a real feeling of swimming in water. This is a phase in which separation is not required. If such sensations arose in bed, then you need to apply the separation technique, starting the separation movement from the swimming sensations received from the technique.

3-5 seconds try to imagine as actively as possible to rotate around its longitudinal axis in any direction. If during this time no sensations arise, the technique changes to another. If there is a real or even slight sensation of rotation, you need to focus on the technique and unwind even more. As soon as this sensation becomes stable and real, one must again try to separate, starting the separation movement from the rotational sensations received from the technique.
My experience: Contrary to the whole description, for some reason I am rotated not along the body, but across. Those. I am lying on my back, and I’m spinning like a yule, and a cent in the navel area. It’s a strange feeling, when you’re kind of lying, and you’re spinning, and your chin tickles, it’s static, but I'm spinning.

Observing images
For 3-5 seconds, peer into the void before your eyes without opening them. If nothing happens, the technique changes to another. If you see some kind of image, peer into it until it becomes realistic, after which you need to immediately separate from the body or drag into the observed image. When peering into an image, it is important not to look at the details, otherwise it will blur. You need to look through the picture, why it will become realistic.

Hand visualization
3-5 seconds, very actively and aggressively imagine that you rub your hands against each other close to your eyes. Try to feel them at all costs in front of you, to see and even hear the sound of friction. If nothing happens, the technique changes to another. If any of the sensations begins to arise, you need to stop on the technique and maximize it until it becomes real. After that, you can try to separate from the body, starting the separation movement from the sensations received from the technique.

Phantom swing
For 3-5 seconds, try to swing your felt arms or legs, in no case straining the physical muscles, but at the same time not imagining the movement itself. For example, try them hard to push down – up, pull left – right, etc. If nothing happens, the technique changes to another. If suddenly there is a slight or viscous real feeling of movement, you need to focus on the technique, trying at all costs to make the amplitude of the movement as wide as possible. Upon reaching 10 cm or more, one should immediately try to separate from the body, starting the separation movement from the sensations received from the technique.

About small breaks.

These breaks are called "power falling asleep", in fact, it is better to describe it as: "Yes, all go fuck * r * n, I'm going to sleep!". Those. you just let go of everything and allow yourself to relax, but not for long (5-7 seconds). At that moment, as consciousness begins to cloud and all sorts of thoughts appear, we “float” and continue to do cycles of techniques. These "falling asleeps" work great and can increase efficiency several times. The same thing needs to be done when the awakening is too bright, i.e., woke up, and immediately feel your body, everything is stable and does not even smell of phase. We just start to fall asleep and simultaneously perform or sort out the techniques. At some point, the consciousness begins to fade and the techniques begin to work. If it didn’t work from the first round, it's okay, we just continue to do hard, but keep in mind that any technique should relax you and give you pleasure. And there can be no question of the correct execution of actions if everything infuriates you. You can fall asleep slightly, but not how to wake up (this is my favorite mistake).

Reality check

Reality testing is a very important thing in phase. Once in the phase of saying that this is it, it will be difficult. Realism can be immediately 100%, which means that there is a high probability that you will assess it as reality and lie in bed with the thought that you again failed. There are always artifacts in dreams, that is, some minor flaws in the setting, not the color of the skin of the crocodile Gena (which pushes to talk about Nietzsche’s philosophy in the actions of Puss in boots), and in the phase the brain is quite capable of creating an environment no different from a real place, such as an apartment. The pain can be realistic, the walls are solid and it is impossible to pass through them, flying will also not pass. Although attentiveness has not been canceled yet, and be prepared for minor inaccuracies in your situation and what is happening around you. And no matter what happens, never turn off the brain! This is especially important after you are kicked out of phase - very often that kicks out not into reality, but into a new phase. It's a shame to lose experience and attempts when you are already in phase.
A spinning top totem is unlikely to help. Although each may have its own methods, but consider the general ones:
I. Exhale through a pinched nose.
Depending on the phase depth, this method may or may not work. If the phase has 100% realism, then exhalation will not work. If you exhale, you are definitely in a phase state. Similarly, you can try to take off, fall through the floor or any unrealistic action.

II. Pinch yourself
This is the most common misconception. If you pinch in the phase state, you definitely won’t wake up and can even go deep into the phase. Although my pain does not appear at all in any way, that's why I evaluate the situation - it pinched and does not hurt, so the phase is.

III. Electronic scoreboard
A strange feature of the phase state: the digital display of even simple watches very often shows nonsense. It can be crocodiles, or maybe just unrealistic time (for example, in the morning 21.50 and the Sun at its zenith). A couple of times this check failed me, because the time was 6.20 in the morning, but it was a phase. But if you still noticed a discrepancy, then this is most likely a phase.
With an analog dial, this does not work, you won’t understand anything on it.

IV. The situation is not true
The name of the method speaks for itself. This is not the most effective method, since the phase can 100% reproduce the situation. But on the other hand, this is the most useful method for the brain - it develops attention very well, and helps with lucid dreams.

V. Concentration (Hyperconcentration)
Самый действенный способ. Основан он на еще одной важной особенности фазы — предметы на которые вы смотрите несколько секунд меняются. Для проверки можно использовать любой мелкий предмет рядом с собой, чаще удобнее использовать палец. Только учтите, если это была фаза, и вы так пристально разглядываете одну точку, фаза поплывет, и вас может выбросить обратно. Если картинка начинает плыть, применяем техники удержания для того что бы не просвистеть фазу.

Подробная схема каждой попытки

I think it’s time to consider a more detailed diagram of each attempt (authorship is indicated, taken from the author’s website of these techniques and techniques):

And now, some shocking news. All that has been described before is just crutches that make it easy to catch the right moment. Why are they then? To teach you how to walk (or rather sleep). Or do you think that you can lie on the stove for 33 years and just take it and go? A miracle will not happen, just lose hope in yourself. When is the time to drop crutches? They themselves will disappear, or rather, you simply will not use them - you will just feel what and when to do it. By golly, do not rush! And now I’ll say it, and then they will express it to me, they say he said - nothing needs to be done, it will come! It is necessary to do, as it should.

Contraindications or how not to spoil the phase

I’ll try to briefly describe what should not be done before and during the phase:
- After waking up, we don’t lose a second of time, we immediately begin to move. In this case, the search for the technician should be normal: 2-3 seconds and if there is no effect, we go to the next one, and so on in a circle.
- In a circle, too, do not run for a long time. After the first minute, the efficiency drops sharply, and further mockery of yourself can spoil the following attempts. Just falling asleep.
- Now something starts to turn out, but the equipment has been changed. What for? It works, we bring it to a victorious exit into phase.
- Do not stop in the same way - the equipment has started to work, we are not sitting and waiting for the weather by the sea, we are finishing it again to victory.
- To leave (to separate) is not ahead of time - everything should be clear and explicit. But it’s also impossible to overexpose, so you can whistle the right moment.
- During the exit, I often want to open my eyes. This is a very nasty mistake, destroys all actions. So we tolerate and do not open. Useful advice here is to try to look through closed eyes. It helps me to get into phase without much effort.
- We don’t forget about muscles either - the body should lie on the bed with a bag, no body movements or even tension in the body. From the beginning it is difficult to understand how it is possible to move a limb without straining muscles. In fact, it turns out to be not so difficult, for this on ordinary days (when you do not plan to train), lie down and practice, work out all the techniques and attempts to exit.
- You need to wake up without moving. I also understand that this cannot be done, but very often it does not work out - I woke up after the movement. But this should not cause disappointment and apathy, otherwise you can make more mistakes.
- Woke up on the move, upset and scored on everything. In no case should you do this. Immediately proceed to search the technician. If the awakening is too bright, we leave for the minison and then go on to the techniques.
- Due to the failure, immediately enter the phase, there is confidence that nothing will work. As a result (although not only because of this) apathy and passivity in the implementation of techniques arise. Never do that - forward and with the song. Or what is the point of doing this? Maybe a ride?
- Worry and go too far with anticipation. Not any excessive potentials, quietly, calmly and confidently. And in general, why be nervous, this is your innate ability. You just need to train
- your emotions and willpower are like muscles - they too can get tired. Therefore, do not overdo it with attempts 2-3 days a week. And also do not do evening workouts before the morning exit. Just in the evening you will lose your full potential and in the morning entering the phase will be difficult.
- We think too much and every second we analyze what is happening in an inner voice (My favorite mistake). We shut the inner voice and do it - at this stage, turn off the paranoid thoughts, then actions are needed. We will turn on the brain when we are in phase.
- Do not hold your breath or breathe hard. I really love this mistake, I often come across it myself. If breathing disturbs you, then this is a sign that you are concentrated on the physical body. Distract slightly, do everything as if in a fog. There is no need for clear, thoughtful movements, everything is as if in water. Perseverance has not been canceled.
- Once in the phase, do not stand still. Movement and action.
- Beautiful paintings are good, but if you look too easily, you’ll lose phase. It is also easy to fall asleep. Those. you will lose awareness and fall into a most ordinary dream.
- Clearly follow your goals, do not be distracted by the scenery of sleep: if someone fell, do not raise it, break it or drop it - do not try to fix it. It is fraught with immersion in sleep and loss of awareness.

What might disappoint you

You might think that there is a panacea for all the questions in your life? You can ask “The Most Important Question of Life, the Universe and Generally,” but the answer is unlikely
to be much smarter than “42”. According to the author of the book, "we can get information that exceeds our personal knowledge by several thousand times." Disillusioned again? Sorry, I didn’t want to ...
But on the other hand, just imagine that you can get information 1000 times more than you currently possess. Not bad? And if you take into account that you can also learn and increase all this, which means that your abilities will multiply by 1000 each time. Most likely the trouble is that if the brain knows the answer, then it lacks the knowledge in your mind to transmit The answer is in the form available to you. And this means that just flopping down on the sofa and becoming the smartest person will not work. Will have to work, work and work on yourself.

Perhaps this is one of the keys to your prosperity and development, perhaps my next misconception. But having tried it once, it is impossible to forget and score.

Another point that was remembered from the first picture to the post is group dreams. Clearly corroborated evidence for or against does not exist either. Either the fiction of the author of the script, or a very high level of practice, but it is you who can give an answer to this question.

About nesting and depth of sleep, I can say this - if you go to sleep in a dream, you will be kicked out, because the phase will not allow you to relax. I haven’t tried it with sleeping pills, but I don’t see the point either, the speed of the brain in the nested dream is unlikely to be different, so the time in the nested dream will not flow more slowly. Although there is also some truth in the film, because the time there seems to be more extended. But this is more likely connected with the subjectivity of the perception of time - we usually count it from the events that happened, and in a dream, a 10-minute walk turns into a millisecond movement, and such dream artifacts make their adjustments to the perception of time. And you can change the space without any dreams - you just closed your eyes, presented and opened in a new place (you will already read about this method yourself).

Instead of output

I could not tell about everything here, so some things remained behind the scenes: these are methods of moving in space, and some methods of obtaining information. Direct techniques are not fully covered, because the article is not at that level. You can find all this in the original.
The main question, “To believe or not to believe,” is not to believe. I don’t want anyone to stupidly believe. This is a practice. She is devoid of any philosophy on this allows anyone to use it. These techniques do not require cash injections or group classes. I hope no one will make a sect out of this. The case is purely individual.
Well, probably that's all. I don’t know how long the post will last and my karma, but hardly for a long time. But at least I tried to talk about the capabilities of our brain in terms of practical application.

PS The post is live, therefore I accept all amendments and supplements. Just come on without philosophy.
Overclock - because this condition raises the frequency of the brain (about 40Hz).


1. I apologize for the turbidity of thought in determining this state. All that is described is part of FBS (REM sleep phase) and does not go beyond it. Hence the safety, since FBS is a natural process and you go through it daily, several times per dream. Please a little more carefully about Lucid Dreams. This is only part of the phenomenon, but I described another component of this phenomenon - indirect sleep techniques. It’s just a “entry” method, or rather is it a trick for yourself to catch your consciousness inside the FBS.
2. My big omission about children. I just forgot to write.
In children, this phenomenon manifests itself constantly. They even sometimes do not need to be taught (this confirms the naturalness of the process and its availability). I have a request for you to all - if your child will tell something like that, please at least do not suppress it. May you not give him lessons and explanations, at least cheer him up. Let the child explore this in himself. This will allow him to develop better and remove the problems of “embedding” from books and similar to my article. The child himself will then be able to say what is bullshit in the books, and what he did.
3. Many are "annoyed" terminology annoying. I tried to get rid of the usual words, so that those who came across similar descriptions would look at it from a different angle, without labels in their minds. But it didn’t work out very well, so please forgive my attempts.
4. I do not like to leave things unfinished, therefore I want to collect some statistics and in a couple of months to publish the results collected from users of Habr.
If you can write me in a personal in the format:
- How did you find out about the phenomenon,
- Did you have any experience before my publication,
- What happened,
- Practical benefit for you personally,
- What methods do you use (you can list the literature),
- Your attitude to this.

I will take it for a long time (I will wait for those who just found out about it and just start using it), I wait for everyone who wants it, including those who have tried and failed. If possible in a more technical form (Habr does not strongly favor esotericism).
Well, if you can NOT send such things: - I haven’t tried anything, I consider it dangerous, you id *** and all like you. I already heard enough of it in the comments.

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