The first book on 3D printing in Russian “Accessible 3D printing for science, education and sustainable development” (Low-cost 3D Printing for Science, Education and Sustainable Development) is ready!

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Hurrah! This moment has come!

The first book on 3D printing and 3D printers in Russian

The book is translated and made up! It took almost a year, but I assure you, the information in the book is more than relevant. I recommend the book to anyone who wants to learn more about budget 3D printers, wants to get to know them better.

The book is currently the most complete, relevant, detailed and rich source of knowledge about budget / personal 3D printers and 3D printing. The book tells about the history of 3D printing, about the types of printers (and the advantages of budget printers over industrial ones), printing methods, 3D CAD modeling programs (and the advantages of paid and free programs), gives basic definitions of 3D printing, and tells about the various methods of using personal 3D printers , talks about how recycling plastic waste can improve the environment and create useful things, about how to teach 3D printing to children. I dare say that a representative of any profession with the help of this book will understand and find for himself the advantages of 3D printing and feel all the potential that it contains!

Book's contents

  • Affordable 3D printing for science, education and sustainable development
  • 3D printing - glossary
  • A Practical Guide to Your First 3D Printing
  • The role of free software and hardware in the 3D printing revolution
  • Plug and play, assembly kits and ready-made 3D printers
  • RepRap, Slic3r and the future of 3D printing
  • 3D modeling with OpenSCAD - Part 1
  • 3D modeling with OpenSCAD - Part 2
  • Visualize math using 3D printers
  • Science and art - periodic mosaics
  • CERN ALICE Printed Model
  • Large-scale 3D printing - from the deep ocean to the moon
  • Modeling spongy bone tissue using 3D printing of physical copies
  • Using 3D printers at school- experiment
  • Prehistoric collections and 3D printing for education
  • 3D printing in art installations
  • From math to jewelry - an example
  • 3D Printing in Developing Countries: Lessons Learned from Techfortrade 3D4D
  • 3D-printed anatomical copies
  • Infinite Plastic Project


I thank all the translators for their interest and efforts, I especially want to mention aks_id - Oksana Solovyova and alex_itz - Alexander Kuznetsova - the guys gave themselves to the translation to the end without sparing time and effort. Alexander also made up the book and gave it a finished, neat and comfortable look. Serious work has been done, I ask readers to understand possible inaccuracies with understanding, I ask all comments and suggestions for translation to be sent to:

Translation Team

Alexander Kuznetsov (alex_itz),, Omsk, Russia; Oksana Solovyova (aks_id),, Berlin, Germany; Julia Skovorodkina (kindra),, Krasnodar, Russia; Artyom Sobolev (Woolpit),, Krasnodar, Russia; Roman Dobrovolsky (radical_dreamer),, Minsk, Belarus; Mikhail Shestakov (mishavolkin),, St. Petersburg, Russia; Alexander Zorin (fidller_fly),, Krasnodar, Russia We

thank for the cozy atmosphere. Page with translation of the book

Group of creators of translation

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Download the book "Affordable 3D printing for science, education and sustainable development"

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