The new "Civilization" will be released this fall

    Many years ago, Sid Meyer released the space toy Alpha Centauri Sid Meyer . For a long time there was no news from Sid Meyer, and now fans of the Civilization series can be satisfied. Civilization: Beyond Earth appears on the scene.

    As the name implies, the action of the game will unfold outside the Earth, somewhere in outer space. In principle, the new toy is more likely a sequel to Alpha Centauri Sid Meyer than to Civilization.

    The thing is that the rights to the name "Alpha Centauri" belong to Electronic Arts, and it was decided to use a name that is close to all lovers of "Civilization". One must think that in the toy there will be many elements familiar to fans of the series.

    Unfortunately, there is no video with a gameplay yet, but there is a general trailer showing how and why people rushed to the stars.

    Via engadget

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