September 27, Moscow - Mitap QIWI SERVER PARTY 3.0

    Hi, Habr!

    September 27, on Thursday, we again decided to collect the QIWI SERVER PARTY mitap. If you are interested in DevOps and work with Kubernetes, then welcome to the cat, there we collected the topics of the reports that our guys will speak on, and videos from the previous session.

    What shall we talk about

    • Dima Royenko - Why do we need Kubernetes, DevOps
    • Sasha Prokopiev - DevOps as an internal product, how development has changed
    • Sasha Demushkin - OpsOps and Kubernetes
    • Oleg Orlov - How to cook the front in Kubernetes
    • Anton Shakinko - TestOps. Test infrastructure again
    • Jaroslav Storozhenko— How DevOps Changed Our Processes (demo)

    Mitap program

    • 17.00–18.00 - collection of guests and registration
    • 18.00–19.00 - speeches by speakers
    • 19.00–19.20 - smoke break
    • 19.20–21.00 - speeches by speakers
    • 21.00–22.00 - free communication and performance of a musical group.

    check in

    Admission is free, you only need to register in advance.

    That's how QIWI SERVER PARTY 2.0 went (talking about Kotlin).


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