Yandex mail [was] unavailable for about an hour at 12:16 MSK

    UPD The problem is presumably resolved at the time of 12:30 MSK.

    Major failure in the services of the Russian Internet giant. On the morning of September 11, 2018, Internet users reported about the inaccessibility of the main web version of Yandex.Mail and Mail for the domain. The problem occurs when trying to authorize through the Yandex Passport regardless of the browser version.


    Yandex technical support recommended using a light version of the mail service.
    The company did not comment on the reason for the failure, but confirmed that there are "some difficulties with entering the mail":

    On the DownDetector website, you can see crowded sites of users who experience difficulties with Yandex services.

    The previous major failure at Yandex occurred on August 23, 2018 , but its scale was more modest, although it lasted much longer.

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    Did you have problems with access to Yandex services on September 11, 2018 before noon Moscow time?

    • 29.3% Yandex.Mail 146
    • 11.2% Yandex.Mail for domain 56
    • 0% Yandex.Video 0
    • 0.4% Yandex.Disk 2
    • 1.4% Passport 7
    • 0.2% Search 1
    • 1.4% other Yandex service 7
    • 11.4% of problems did not notice 57
    • 19.3% did not visit Yandex this morning 96
    • 25.1% do not use Yandex 125

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