Learn BlackBerry 10 App Development book available for free download

    A book learned a week ago, Learn BlackBerry 10 App Development today finally appeared in electronic form and is available for free download.

    This publication is intended for everyone who wants to get acquainted with the development for BlackBerry 10 using the Cascades framework. In addition, it describes the basics of C ++ / Qt, talks about the use of QML and JavaScript when creating a graphical interface of programs.


    The book will talk about:
    • development of native applications for BlackBerry 10 using QML;
    • work with the main components of the graphical interface of BlackBerry 10;
    • effective use of C ++ and QML in conjunction with the Cascades framework;
    • Using the BlackBerry Momentics IDE development environment to launch and debug your application;
    • the application of fundamental aspects and techniques in the development of programs for BlackBerry 10;
    • using HTTP to work with remote services;
    • integration with the basic applications of BlackBerry 10: Contacts and Calendar, etc .;
    • sending email and text messages from your application;
    • using the smartphone’s camera, as well as various sensors like a gyroscope and accelerometer;

    The paper version of the book is available from major American distributors like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and others.

    The electronic version of the book (in PDF, Epub and Mobi formats) can be downloaded free of charge from the Apress website (registration is required, then click “Buy eBook” with a price of $ 0.00).
    Link to the archive with the source code examples from the book.

    PS The author of the book promises to publish more material on the topic in his blog over the coming weeks .

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