Pulsometer for Putin, or what is Ritmer

    In 2015, Putin was shown another domestic development. At that time, "Ritmer" was presented as a budding medical technology, which came from the military sphere and was part of the outfit of the future "Warrior" soldier.

    Much has been declared ... The official site still has the “table of advantages” that does not include the civilian version. In general, we wanted to create a wearable holter, but it turned out Ritmer. Nevertheless, we offer a closer look at it.

    First of all, it’s worth the price right away. 12 290 rubles . And if the functionality was fully implemented by the current moment, it would be justified. In particular, in the table where they are compared: Cheap fitness trackers | Expensive fitness trackers | Medical Cardiac Monitors | Ritmer can meet this column:

    However, this is far from what one would expect after such words. For example, the level of stress, which is analyzed for you as a result, looks like this:

    In other words, you get some description of the parameter + traffic lights with a range of numbers and a short explanation of what these numbers could testify to. It is clear why and why this was done, but it is not clear why this is called “Clear recommendations”.

    Also under the recommendations gets a paragraph on the main page of the application, which goes immediately after the statistics.

    But this again: “Keep up the good work!” However, here you can also find a mobile phone number for deeper detailing, where you will be consulted, and this also seems to be appropriate for “Clear Recommendations”, but there is nothing in the application.

    Total "Ritmer" analyzes the body in 6 ways:

    • Heart rate
    • Cardiac activity
    • Stress
    • Power reserve
    • Recuperation speed
    • Backup power source

    All these parameters are stored on the main screen, and access to specific dates and specific results is “turned over”.

    Each individual parameter can be accessed by clicking:

    There is also a scale by day from measurement to measurement and an explanatory “traffic light” with a general description of the parameter.

    It is curious that the number of measured parameters varies depending on how you perform the measurement.

    As can be seen from the explanation, an incomplete schedule is built up due to the fact that a person can be in a state of activity. And in this case, there is another question to the so-called monitoring 24/7, which is stated in the benefits.

    Firstly, it should be clarified that this type of monitoring should be understood that you can wear a “Ritmer” 24 hours a day, but at the same time only two options are available for automatic monitoring: once every half hour and once an hour. This can be controlled in the settings.

    And, of course, the value of incomplete analysis is somewhat reduced, and it is also quite difficult to spend the whole day lying in bed for half-hour intervals. At the same time, the smartphone to which the Ritmer is connected must be located nearby, otherwise:

    However, the device works not only at a given interval. By clicking on the "Record" button you can manually start the measurement mode. It lasts 5 minutes, during which it is required to remain in a motionless state.

    In this case, as a result, you will receive, for example, on the HR parameter - one averaged figure for the given period and, in addition, it is also impossible to monitor the pulse in real time for 5 minutes.

    Wishing to protect themselves and shield them from unnecessary questions from the registration authorities, the developers of the civilian version have removed quite a lot of competitive advantages from Ritmer, which would make it unique and promise that everything will be fully operational with the RU. We are waiting, sir.

    And while we wait, we have: an episodic heart rate monitor, which, according to the results of five-minute studies, provides statistics on six parameters of health, which are detected on the basis of the pulse and heart rate variability for 12,290 rubles.

    Fastening "Ritmer" in two ways: there is a chest strap and electrodes included.

    Ritmer mount

    But more comfortable, oddly enough, to fasten it with a belt: the electrodes are terribly sticky, so tearing them off your chest is still a pleasure.

    The package bundle, it should be noted, is not bad, Ritmer is packed soundly.

    Inside the box are instructions and consumables. In addition to the belt and electrodes, there is also a docking station, cable and adapter.

    The gadget is placed on the docking station after which it connects to the network. The solution is quite cumbersome, given that constructively Ritmer could easily accommodate another connector.

    And, by the way, there is such a connector, though its purpose is not explained in the instructions.

    In general, in the end, we have a rather strange heart rate monitor, which performs simple analytics in automatic mode or on request. The gadget was really represented to the president:

    However, if you look closely, then in the plot the device is not white, and therefore, probably not the civilian version of “Ritmer”, which has reached us.

    We still have a rather controversial device, which works under certain conditions, and also guarantees clinical accuracy, without being formally medical equipment.

    Oh yes. One of the features of "Ritmer" is that you can assign observers to your indicators by adding them to the menu of the gadget.

    Take care of yourself!

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