Pavel Durov left the post of CEO of Vkontakte. No it's not a joke

    That, in fact, is all. Pretty expected.

    As a result of the events following the change in VKontakte's shareholding in April 2013, the freedom of action of the CEO in managing the company was significantly reduced. It is becoming increasingly difficult to uphold those principles that were once laid in the foundation of our social network.

    Following my brother, who in the middle of last year left the post of technical director, I relieve myself of the duties of the general director of VKontakte.

    Thanks to all the users who supported and inspired me over these 7 years. I will continue to participate in the life of VKontakte as a founder, but I am not interested in formal posts in the new conditions.

    In contact with you,
    Pavel Durov

    Let me remind you that earlier Pavel sold his 12% stake to Ivan Tavrin, the CEO of Megaphone.

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