Zextras will participate in RedHat Forum Russia 2018

    Over those who use proprietary software products from the United States, clouds are gradually gathering. The aggravation of the situation with sanctions and the ever-worsening relationship between our countries at any moment may strike enterprises using solutions from American companies.


    It is unlikely that anyone will be surprised if, as part of the "anti-sanctions" , the prohibition will be covered by solutions from various western IT companies. Do not stay away from this process and the United States of America.

    So recently in the United States was passed the law № 115-232, according to which the US Department of Defense "reserves the right" not to use software, solutions and automation systems, if their source code was analyzed by foreign organizations or government agencies. Given the size of the budget of the US Department of Defense, as well as the risks that arise as a result of the adoption of these laws, many US IT companies can at any time refuse certification in the same FSTEC or just in case completely leave the Russian IT market, the lion's share of which is made up and large companies directly related to the state.

    This and much more already makes Russian IT managers think about finding open-source solutions to replace proprietary ones in case events follow the already pessimistic scenario that has become familiar to Russia.

    Today we want to bring to your attention an excellent replacement for such an enterprise-critical system as an email server and a collaboration system. Zimbra Open-Source Edition together with Zextras Suite is a universal solution, which is already used in many European companies of all sizes. Thanks to flexibility, speed and convenience, the combination of Zimbra + Zextras can significantly improve the efficiency of the company's employees, and the system’s low system requirements and several times lower licensing costs make this collaboration system one of the most attractive offers on the market at the moment.


    All visitors of RedHat Forum Russia, which will be held in Moscow on September 14, 2018, will get a chance to learn more about the system. Zextras company at this forum will be represented by a separate stand, which, in addition to representatives from Zextras, will be attended by numerous partners. They will be happy to tell you more about the products, their capabilities and benefits, provide pricing information, share success stories, and be able to answer your questions.

    We would especially like to note that a direct link with Zextras head office in Milan will be organized at the stand, so that direct developers of Zextras Suite can give their answers to particularly tricky questions. In addition, the RedHat forum will be an excellent opportunity to exchange contacts with Zextras representatives and partners in order to solve as quickly as possible all issues related to the introduction of Zimbra and Zextras Suite in your enterprise in the future.

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