Mobile client for Yandex Metrics

    Some time ago I wondered - why, with a large number of applications for Google Analytics in the iTunes Store and Google Play, there is not a single mobile application for Yandex Metrics that we would like. Thinking about this issue, I invited my colleagues to participate in the development of this product and today I want to show you what came of it.

    I don’t know how to write press releases, so if I miss something, ask in the comments and I will try to answer. Also, if you want to share comments / suggestions, I will be happy to discuss them with you. :)

    The main screen of the application, it was decided to arrange in the form of infographics - this is quite informative, and also - does not overload the interface with unnecessary information and controls.

    The remaining screens contain information from the main sections of the web version of the Yandex metric - traffic, technology, age and sex structure, and much more.

    You can select a range on the graphs (in addition to what you can select from the drop-down menu at the top) and get additional data segmentation without leaving the cash desk :) The horizontal graph display mode also works, just turn the phone on.

    Now that we have in the near future:

    - Version for iPad.
    - Version for tablets and smartphones on Android.
    - The functionality of the "goals" and other interesting reports
    - Well, of course, bug fixes, interface improvements and basic functionality.

    We have already been asked a question - will there be the same application for Google Analytics? To be honest - we don’t know yet, but we promise to think if such functionality will be in demand.

    My post would not be complete if I did not publish a link to download the application. Download, test and send your comments and suggestions .

    UPD: Information can be obtained from
    - Facebook -
    - vKontakte -
    - Twitter -

    UPD2: Millimetric is added to the client catalog for Yandex metrics

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