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We present to you a new service of the Post, a quick unsubscribe from all the annoying mailings - " Manage mailings ".

A modern user is subscribed to many newsletters: online stores, services, publications, forums and other sources of letters. The number of subscriptions can exceed tens and even hundreds. Some of them over time lose their relevance, others sign up by chance, others over time become annoying. In this case, the process of unsubscribe is extremely difficult.

The "Manage Mailings" service displays, in a single interface, the mailing list to which the user is subscribed, allows you to unsubscribe from unnecessary and delete all letters from the selected sender. At the same time, thanks to Machine Learning technologies, letters with special marks — for example, registrations or orders — are stored in a box.

And now a minute of education on using the service. If someone seems captaincy, do not be angry, many others this instruction will help save precious minutes and precious nerves.

How to unsubscribe from the newsletter?

  1. Click "Unsubscribe" in front of the desired list.
  2. Check the box “Delete emails from the sender” if you want to delete all mailing lists.
  3. Click "Continue."

How to delete all mailing letters?

  1. Click "Delete letters" in front of the desired list.
  2. Check the box “Unsubscribe” if you do not want to receive new mailing lists.
  3. Click "Continue."

How to mark all letters read?

Click the icon to the left of the desired mailing list to mark all mailing letters as read.

Show all mailing letters

Click on the number of letters opposite the desired list. The list of letters will open in a new tab.

It becomes much more pleasant to work when there is nothing superfluous in the Mail. We hope that the new service will make your life easier.

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