Billion Puzzle & Dragons, claims to Flurry, Gameloft office in Russia - the main thing for a week for a mobile developer

    One billion dollars

    GungHo Online has officially released its 2013 financials. According to these data, their game Puzzle & Dragons was the first game that earned more than $ 1 billion. Of the gross revenue of $ 650 million they brought the Apple App Store, and another $ 775 million - Google Play.

    The end to alternative payment systems

    Applications that use alternative payment systems are removed from Google Play without any noise . Recall that in the AppStore third-party payment instruments are prohibited for a long time. Experts believe that sooner or later Google should have made such a decision - the period of “loyalty” to new developers came to an end. Next is only business. Most of the “news” affected developers from those countries where there is still no way to accept payments via Google Play. The “black list” includes Ukraine, Belarus and even some European states. In fact, companies from these countries have made the choice: either to make only free applications, or to open companies in those countries where Google payments work.

    2014 Chinese trends

    Ley Zhang, US General Manager of one of the largest Chinese publishers Chukong, spoke about the trends in the mobile gaming industry that will dominate China in 2014. The company believes that the sanut is:
    • consolidation of stores and platforms,
    • HTML5 becoming a powerful platform
    • development of game engines,
    • build up the impact of WeChat as a gaming platform.

    Recall that the Chinese mobile gaming industry last year earned more than $ 2 billion.

    Gameloft office in Russia

    The famous publisher of mobile games - the company Gameloft - opens an office in Russia and begins recruiting employees. But, do not rush to them to send your resumes. For example, for Moscow they have only one vacancy open ... for an SMM manager . Now you know where the opening of the office begins and what you need to do first.

    How accurate is Flurry data ?!

    The validity of the Flurry retention metrics (user returns) is called into question . In fact, very often developers complain that there is a big discrepancy between the data that Flurry provides and the data of their own statistical systems. Sometimes it comes to the fact that the error is 50 percent! Therefore, if you do not want to work with your own statistics, we recommend checking several third-party services at once. And no less important is to approve the terminology, because in terms of metrics definitions differ for different systems. The most “discussion” formula, in our opinion, is for such a thing as virality.

    Amazon will develop games itself

    For this, the company acquired the gaming studio Double Helix Games. Under the terms of the deal, all 75 studio employees, as well as all intellectual property, are transferred to Amazon. TechCrunch believes that this purchase may be related to Amazon’s desire to release its own Android game console.

    Amazon has been rumored for ambitious plans for a long time. According to some reports, they are phoning the top Google Play developers and beckoning to themselves (which is very logical in the light of the news published above). Amazon also has plans to create its own online television and is currently in talks with the creators of video content. From our dialogue with Amazon management at WNCONF, we can conclude that the company is interested in new sources of quality content - including gaming - and is actively looking at new developer markets.

    Flappy Bird: came, saw, won ... and left

    This game has been haunting anyone for almost a month now. After a stunning success, Flappy Bird was removed from the store by the Vietnamese developer, which gave rise to even more rumors about her. Some people think how much money the creator of the game made. Others are interested in the fact that success was a validation of the business model of Asian messengers. The hysteria surrounding addictive games has reached the point where users have already started selling devices with an installed game on ebay .

    Experts are still trying to figure out the secrets of the game’s success (although the version about the store’s trivial “hack” is being actively discussed. Here’s one of the 10-point versions why the Flappy Bird application has become so popular:
    • Too complicated
    • Too easy
    • The feeling of constant loss
    • No internal purchases
    • There are only 3 buttons
    • Rely on gravity
    • It's all about skills
    • The simpler the gameplay, the more users
    • Fill the AppStore
    • Don't do what Candy Crush, Angry Birds and Clash Of Clans do

    Draw your conclusions, and let everyone succeed in making their own “bird of happiness”.

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