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    In the age of saturated consumption, people tend to look for something in such goods, so that’s not like everyone else. There will even be some elusive advantages, without which all other products seem to be faded. Well, take for example the same Tesla: yes, the characteristics are good, but it does not fly, does not float and looks like an ordinary sedan. Magic works without any memes: electric car magic, the manufacturer’s magic and Ilona Musk’s charisma magic. But the speech today is not about Ilona Mask and not even about Tesla. And about something "magical" that once should have appeared among bicycles, because the owners of greats of all stripes are fierce warriors from different camps of models, frames, forks, and so on. And now we will understand the magic of the novelty - Twitter electric biker TW-E9L.

    Appearance and design nuances

    I think people in the subject have already paid attention to some unusual design solutions. At least when I sent a photo of a bike to my bicycle friend, he read it like in tricks :)

    That's right - this is a carbon electric bike. The manufacturer positions it as urban, however, it has all the attributes to be considered “mountainous”. Let's go through the basic elements to better understand what kind of animal it is.


    The frame of the Twitter TW-E9L bike differs markedly from its MTB counterparts: instead of the upper tube, it has a reinforced lower triangle. Some kind of internal chromatic sense suggests that the triangle below is small and under heavy load will fold in half, but not so. Firstly, the manufacturer would hardly have started producing something unreliable (although anything can happen) into mass production. Well, secondly, the triangle is the hardest figure, especially in the case when it is made of carbon fiber :) In this case, 3K-carbon is used (this means that weaving used stripes, each of which consists of 3000 threads).

    The absence of the upper tube makes the frame universal for the user - both a adult of any gender and a child will be able to ride a bike. As well as getting a "monorail" injury is more difficult here.

    The seat tube and the adjacent triangle below are rather thin, but the bottom frame tube is thick and has a triangular shape with rounded corners. And all because there is a valuable filling inside, about which a little later.

    The frame is painted matt black with red glossy elements (including embossed) - live looks very cool and "evil", although great can also be white-red or completely black.

    The carriage knot and feathers form a single unit with the frame - just look at the smooth transitions and junctions to understand that the frame is expensive :) You can't find anything like aluminum from aluminum.

    Yes, but okay, why pull something. Inside the bottom tube of the frame is an accumulator unit that feeds the engine located in the carriage unit. Just Twitter TW-E9L does not give it away right away: from the side, it looks like a regular bicycle without any magic.

    In general, the frame inspires confidence, looks monolithic and makes a pleasant deaf sound when tapped.

    Engine and battery

    The location of the engine takes part in shaping the nature of the bicycle's behavior. In this case, the engine (brushless BJORANGE engine) is integrated in the carriage unit and is generally well concealed from prying eyes and the harmful effects of the environment. But here it is located a little low, because of what the final clearance is too small - you have to look more closely at road irregularities so as not to strike again.

    The DC motor has a power of 250 watts. More precisely, maybe a bit more;) but legally and according to Twitter documents, TW-E9L still remains a bicycle, not a moped.  

    Inside the lower frame tube there is a lithium-ion battery from LG, the connector for charging it is under the upper tube of the lower triangle of the frame and is closed with a rubber stopper.

    In the upper part of the lower tube of the frame there are several technological openings for the installation of an additional battery pack, as in the Twitter model TW-E9W. There is no USB connector for powering gadgets, which is a pity - one of the most useful electric bike features :)

    The battery charge time is 4-6 hours, the manufacturer claims a lifetime of 800-1000 recharge cycles. One charge is enough for a distance of up to 90 km in the help mode, which means that theoretically, if nothing breaks down from the electrics, you can drive 72-90 thousand kilometers on a bike. These are 2-2.5 years of daily runs of 100 km or 4-5 years of daily 50 km rides. Well, or ... in general, there is a reserve, all the details are repaired if desired (but it is not recommended to climb inside the frame yourself - you can fly off the warranty for this).


    One hit four holes) Joke. The bike uses a retrospec magnesium-aluminum alloy air plug, and a suspension lock regulator is located at the top of the right fork tube.

    In the “Open” state, the fork is unlocked (depreciation works) and this provides additional smoothness, while in the “Close” state it is locked, which favorably affects acceleration.

    There is no rear shock absorber, so here we have a hardtail. If you want an electric dvukhpodvod, then in the model number of Twitter is a model AM26-E1 .

    Brake system

    The bike is equipped with Shimano Altus M315 hydraulic oil brakes (devices with the letter “M” in the name just from the MTB-area). Despite the fairly simple level (in the Shimano product line), the brakes do an excellent job with the task: as they say, a “stop-crane”. Braking occurs very smoothly, but effectively.

    Hidroline to the rear brakes passes through the holes in the frame: this solution not only adds aesthetic points, but also performs protection from the fool.

    Black two-piston calipers hug the red rotors (who the hell invented this name, didn’t like the word “disk” ?! Maybe then the fork, instead of the fork), which also looks harmoniously against the black-red color.  

    Wheels, pedals and saddle

    We are getting closer to going :) The wheels are 26 inches in diameter, with double rimmed rims (the abbreviation MTB can be found on them). Inside - Chosen 4-bearing bushings.

    The rubber used is moderately “wicked” Country Racer from Michelin. There were no problems with adhesion on any of the types of coatings; on asphalt the tires are rather quiet.

    The front wheel is equipped with a quick coupler (eccentric), which can be useful when transporting a bicycle inside a compact car. There is also an eccentric on the rear wheel and about it a bit later.

    Pedals and a seat from one brand (Retrospec) and good “out of the box”, but still it is a very individual thing that can be changed at any time to fit your preferences.

    It is surprising that the saddle is not governed by an eccentric, but on the other hand, the seat is usually adjusted only once; Yes, and get an eccentric is not so difficult.  

    The steering wheel, shifting, headlights and other body kit

    The steering wheel is straight MTB shny, in black powder paint, there is a place for a body kit. The truth is that there is practically no body kit out of the box: a retro-reflector and an on-board computer. The same Airwheel R8 had a flashlight and even a sound signal, and here it will have to be additionally purchased (at a rather considerable price, the biggest one). But what can I say - even the wings do not! Well, at least the gripes are not forgotten :) By the way, very cool, made of leather.

    On the left hand wheel there is a remote control (for controlling the electric component of the bike) and a front brake knob, on the right, a rear brake knob and a Shimano SLX switch for reverse gears (11 stars).

    A rather expensive switch (just below the top XT / XTR in the Shimano model range), which works flawlessly like a Kalashnikov + automatic looks pretty.

    Well, in the center of the steering wheel is not the screen, but the screening :) But before moving on to get acquainted with it, I want to once again quarrel about the lack of lights and wings in the kit: because of this, the range of time and places that you can ride is stupidly reduced.

    On-board computer

    The role of the dashboard performs a fairly large LCD-display in a solid metal frame and on the stand.

    To control it, use the three buttons on the left side of the steering wheel. Turned on by holding the middle button, it also turns off. A short press of the middle button activates the backlight, and a double press resets the mileage.

    The top button increases the level of help or switches ODO / TRIP when double-clicked. The lower button lowers the level of assistance, and a long press switches on the foot mode (6 km / h).

    The screen displays:

    • Current speed (in km / h or m / h), taken from the sensor on the rear wheel;
    • Mileage (ODO - common, TRIP - current)
    • Remaining Battery Indicator
    • Backlight icon
    • Engine Error Icon (haha, check wenge)
    • Controller Error (ecu) Icon: lights up if the controller is faulty
    • Power (real-time output power display)
    • The level of help of the electric motor (from 1 to 5)

    In total, the Twitter TW-E9L offers five power / support levels, which are regulated by the “+ / -” buttons on the steering wheel. 1 - the lowest power level, 5 - the highest.

    Once again I looked at the bike, from different angles. Straight like what it looks like, there is definitely something magical in it :) Anyway, but I want the iron horse to look decent - I think that this is all there is, some sort of pedigree, which is difficult to describe in words. Looks fast :) The only thing that I don’t like in appearance is the large number of Twitter labels all around the perimeter, it’s just huge. I did not count the exact amount, but it feels like about 30 inscriptions - they are literally everywhere. However, as they say, the speed does not affect, but it was impossible not to pay attention.

    From the text written above, it may seem that not everyone liked this bike - looking ahead, this is true, some nuances can be improved) But only a real race can shed light on what this iron horse is in practice.


    The manufacturer claims a range of 90 kilometers (in help mode) on one charge, but we must remember that this is influenced by many factors - owner weight, driving style, braking frequency, head wind, type of road surface, temperature, etc.

    I, unfortunately, during the test drive could not verify the maximum power reserve, because I had to go the distance after the first 70 km (when there was still about a third of the battery). And all because during one of the trips I was at full speed (35 kilometers) decomposed on the forest path :) I was driving fast along a fairly wide road, when suddenly several horses appeared in the turn (horseback riding) - to avoid a collision, I had to be out of plan rebuild on the sand, where he lost control. At first I could not breathe, people on horseback said that the fall was beautiful, like in the movies - they thought that I would die) But in the end I was lucky - only hurt ribs and sores all around, broken glasses, airpods, cracked protective glass of the smartphone ...)
    I bought a new iPhone, put it in my back pocket. I get in the car, I hear a crash. I think about myself: “at least the spine”)
    The bike was about ten meters away, it felt like it should be folded in half. The pedal bit into the trampled ground. The steering wheel is twisted, but the hydrolines and other wiring have not broken. Rama - like new. The rear wheel ... faaaaak ...

    For a moment, I thought that the dropouts or even the feather frame of the vaunted carbon fiber broke ... But no, I just unzipped the eccentric :) which, apparently, was not quite correctly spun.

    In fact, I wrote a couple of paragraphs above just to remind once again about the need to follow safety precautions, which I paid for and paid. I was lucky, although it could have happened differently. Therefore, drive in helmets and other protection, learn from the mistakes of others. After this incident, I began to look differently at the factory speed limit :) And by the way, this bike is not suitable for participation in professional competitions and in such extreme conditions as downhill and freeride, which is directly written on the first pages of the manual.

    A week later, I could breathe deeply and continued to ride, although I could not measure the full supply - I was traveling in mixed mode all the time. But the figure in "up to 90 km" is very similar to the truth.

    The bike is extremely “soft” on the bumps, like a BMW of the fifth series, “swallows” bumps. If there was a two-suspension, there would be a “seven” :) A good reel: I’d speed up and go high. But the only thing that is annoying at the same time is a rather loud ratchet of the idling clutch, as well as periodic clicks under the seat in the pits, the cause of which I never found.  

    The LCD screen is large and informative, but, unfortunately, almost nothing is visible on the bright sun. But in other cases, all information is read very quickly.

    What can you say about the electric motor? It is a pity that he does not work in the "scooter" mode - you can not sit down, press a button and go. There is only a support mode in which you need to twist the pedals ... And this is the owners of ordinary bicycles soothes :) During operation, the engine emits a quiet hum, but the person from the side will hardly understand what kind of sound it is. Support modes in the amount of 5 pieces, in my opinion, are redundant: I traveled either without support, or on the most powerful mode (in which pedaling even on the 11th asterisk and even on the slide is not a problem). When a speed of 35 km / h is reached, engine assistance is cut off, that is, it will not be so easy to compete with cars in the city :) but it’s also meaningless.

    Twitter Specifications TW-E9L

    Wheel size: 26 "
    Frame size: universal
    Bicycle color: black-red / black-gray / white-red
    Bicycle weight: 18 kg
    Frame: carbon (3K)
    Handlebar: aluminum alloy with a glossy and matte finish
    Fork: air Retrospec (magnesium aluminum alloy, with manual locking)
    Steering column: aluminum alloy Gearshift
    : Shimano SLX-M7000 (11 speeds)
    Front gear shift: no
    Rear gear shift: Shimano SLX
    Connecting rods: AL7075 (aluminum alloy)
    Cassette: SUNSHINE-11S
    Brakes: Shimano Altus (hydraulic disc)
    Bushings: Chosen (aluminum alloy, 4-bearing, for disc brakes)
    Rims: double (aluminum alloy, pistoned)
    Spokes: SHUNJIU (toughened)
    Tires: MICHELIN-Country
    Handles: leather with fixing ring
    Saddle: Retrospec T4
    Pedals: Retrospec CNC (for mountain bikes, on bearings, aluminum alloy)
    Usage modes: 2 modes (help mode and pedal mode)
    Help modes: 5 modes
    Run on one charge: up to 90 km (in mode assistance)
    Maximum speed:up to 35 km / h
    Maximum user weight: 130 kg
    Battery: integrated into the frame (LG-18650 lithium-ion, 36V, 10 Ah, 360W * h)
    Fully charging time: 3-6 hours
    Number of recharge cycles: 800-1000 times
    Motor : BJORANGE (brushless DC motor integrated into the frame, 36V, 250W)
    Maximum torque: 80 N * m
    Controller: 5 usage modes
    Monitor: enhanced backlit LCD display
    Temperature range: 0-50 ° C

    Equipment: bike itself, charger, manual, warranty card and tools for assembly. A set of passive reflectors is already installed: in front, behind and 2 pieces on each wheel.

    I would like to mention the manual as a separate item: it is most detailed, there is not only great about it, but also traffic rules, tips for newbies, etc.

    Cost of

    Well, there are people who, at the start of sales, buy themselves a new iPhone, and in a year change it to a new model? :) And no one tells them “ yes, I’ll collect a phone for this money! ":) But apparently the iPhones have some kind of special immunity, which no bicycle has. There will always be someone who collects something twice cheaper and better.  

    The cost of Twitter TW-E9L in Russia is 144 thousand rubles. Someone has already twisted the scroll to report that for this money you can buy bicycles for the whole family or even a car that will go by itself and it will have headlights and bibikalka. We are forced to admit that such comments are not new to us, but you also understand that such a high price tag is not taken from the ceiling. It consists of a carbon frame (which is always expensive), a high-quality engine and a battery (which are also hidden here), and also because of the official delivery, which, among other things, allows us to provide warranty service in Russia. Well, similar in characteristics to electroweights (for example, Haibike) are sometimes twice as expensive, and dvuhpodvesy and even three times.

    Also this bike has a twin brother Twitter TW-E9W, which additionally has a LG battery (with a capacity of 480 W * h), which significantly increases the range of an autonomous course, but visually produces an electric bike.

    If you expected to see the price several times lower, then we can offer to pay attention to the other electric bikes we sell - Airwheel R8, which we already had a review . It is 4 times cheaper, the equipment is much simpler, but with the "self-propelled" mode, headlights and with a USB port for charging.

    About company

    By the way, probably it will be important to mention a few words about the manufacturer. Bicycles under the TWITTER trademark have been manufactured by Shenzhen First Technology Co. since August 2012. Their first model was the TW5800 bike, which gained immense popularity in China.

    The success of the first model allowed the company to increase the model range and production volumes, and both ordinary bicycles, electric bikes and many accessories are produced. And all because the company considers the bike the most promising and environmentally friendly mode of transport, for which the future. The company includes two factories: one is engaged in the manufacture of frames, the other - cycling components; the state employs over 400 people.

    Now in the company's arsenal more than 70 models, each year up to 10 new ones appear. The main partner of Shenzhen First Technology Co is a recognized leader in the bicycle industry - the Japanese manufacturer of components Shimano. MakTsentr

    Company is the exclusive distributor of Twitter bicycles in Russia. →

    Comparative table of Twitter electric bikes sold in Russia

    Instead of output

    Despite the initial questions to some sites and the scars that remained after the crash test, Twitter TW-E9L really liked the electric bucket, a very solid hardtail. The case when the transport is not only beautiful, but also practical in everyday use: it is at least along the path, at least off-road. I want to sweat - Wellcome, and if you need to drive dry to work without tension, you can also.

    The bike is suitable for an advanced user who may be lazy to collect something himself. Yes, expensive, yes, there are always alternatives, but here you get a great turnkey (and with the service), for which you need to buy only a couple of inexpensive special stages.

    And now, by the way, there is a great time to buy: the end of the season, the price is unlikely to fall (but it will definitely grow by the next season, and it is not known what will happen to the dollar rate in six months). And in our store, the promo code TW-E9L will allow you to buy an electric bike at a discount of 10% (within a month from the date of publication). The discount is valid for TW-E9L of any color, and you can just buy good dopes for delivery;)

    Thank you for your attention!

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