"Yandex" filed a complaint against the court decision to remove links to pirated content

    Today it became known that Yandex filed a complaint with the Moscow City Court against a resolution that obliged the company to remove pirated content from the Yandex.Video service. Reports about it RBC. We are talking about the case on the claim of "Gazprom-Media".

    “The Moscow City Court received a request from Yandex LLC for the cancellation of interim measures imposed by the judges of the Moscow City Court on the claims of JSC TNT-Television Network (the film“ House arrest ”), LLC TV Channel TV (Mystical Stories), LLC TRK 2x2 ”(“ Caution, Earthlings ”), Parnas-Media LLC (“ Out of Game ”),” the court’s press service reported.

    In addition to the suit of “Yandex”, the court received several private complaints about the mentioned claims. The authors of the four complaints require Roskomnadzor to “stop creating technical conditions” under which it is possible to post or otherwise use these films.

    The press service of Yandex commented on the situation as follows: “We can confirm the fact of sending [the application to the Moscow City Court to cancel interim measures]. In addition, while we have nothing to comment.

    It is worth recalling that everything began with the claims of the TNT, TV-3 and 2 * 2 TV channels against Yandex. They were filed on August 24, and already on the 28th, Roskomnadzor threatened the Yandex.Video service with a blocking - in the event that it did not remove links to pirated content. The rights to it belong to the TV channels of the holding Gazprom-Media.

    Yandex agreed to remove the links, but stated that the company is not able to determine which of the sites has rights to certain content, and who does not have them. Therefore, the company decided to remove both the links and the content itself. Representatives of Yandex said that blocking Yandex.Video could lead to the inoperability of all the company's services, since most providers block content on the domain name of the site on which this content is located.

    After deleting the links, representatives of Gazprom-Media did not abandon the idea to sue the company, explaining their actions by saying that if nothing is done, then pirated content can be posted again on Yandex.Video.

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