Yandex has launched a cloud

    Today, Yandex has opened a new service Yandex . Oblako .

    Yandex computing facilities and data processing and storage services. Yandex.Oblako is a public cloud platform where you can create and develop your projects.

    The project consists of 7 different services:

    1. Yandex Compute Cloud - Virtual Machines and Drives
    2. Yandex Object Storage - Scalable Data Warehouse
    3. Yandex Virtual Private Cloud - Networks for sharing information between cloud resources and the Internet
    4. Yandex Identity and Access Management - Identification and control of access to cloud resources
    5. Yandex Managed Databases - ClickHouse, PostgreSQL and MongoDB Database Management
    6. Yandex SpeechKit - A complex of speech recognition and synthesis technologies
    7. Yandex Translate - Machine translation with support for more than 90 languages.

    At the moment, you can use the service only after filling out the form and approving the application from Yandex, but the company promises that by the end of 2018 everyone will have free access to the service.

    As the owner of Search VPS and projects, I am most interested in virtual servers. The first feature that I noticed with Yandex is that, in the off state, you don’t have to pay for a virtual machine.

    The cost is calculated during the use of the virtual machine, starting from the moment of launch (transition to the RUNNING status) and to a full stop. The time that the virtual machine was turned off is not charged.

    For example, with DigitalOcean or Vultr, funds are withdrawn in any case, even if the server is turned off - resources are reserved for it anyway, therefore it is logical to take money for this.

    At the first entrance, Yandex provides 4000 rubles for testing the service, which will be available for six months.

    For kernels and RAM, the price is indicated for 1 hour of use, for a disk, the price is indicated for 1 month. Per second billing.

    Prices are as follows:
    ResourcePrice per hourPrice for 30 days
    1 core (vCPU)0.69 rub.496.80 rub.
    1 GB RAM0.24 rub.172.80 rub.
    1 GB NVMe disk7.32 rub.
    1 GB SATA disk2.05 rub.
    Windows server1.12 rub.806.40 rub.
    External IP Address0.15 rub.108 rub.
    When using the service, only outgoing traffic is paid at a price of 1.5 rubles. per GB, incoming traffic and traffic between the clouds is completely free .

    According to media reports, the service currently works only in Russia, but in the future, Yandex plans to enter the international market by competing with Microsoft Azure and the Google Cloud Platform.

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