For the first time the Russian team got into the largest scientific accelerator IndieBio

Today, scientific and technological progress is moving faster than ever. The industrial revolution made enterprising people rush to knowledge and follow new developments, while the information revolution has speeded up this process many times over. Artificial intelligence, the flowering of genetics, blockchain, 3D printers - an unimaginable kaleidoscope of innovation shakes the imagination. The metronome of life is ticking a frenzied rhythm, now you need to “run, just to stay in place,” as the famous work of Lewis Carroll says.

Where is Russian biotechnology?

Alas, it so happened that Russia in many areas is inferior to other countries, this is facilitated by a drop in the level of education, as well as the excessive conservatism of some segments of society. One of these areas is the field of biotechnology. In 2016, she received a “blow in the gut” in the form of a ban on the breeding and cultivation of plants and animals with the participation of genetic engineering. It is noteworthy that it is allowed to import ready-made GM products, but it is not possible to develop your own. It is not difficult to guess that other countries strive to lure talented genetic engineers, who simply do not have the opportunity to engage in their craft. Investors, of which there is not enough, look the other way. Few people believe in the possibility of changing trends in the near future.

Go to the US market? Why not!

Contrary to the negative trends, Russian science still remains at a decent level, and talented entrepreneurs are always ready to join their efforts in creating bold and progressive projects. A vivid example of this, Mezomax is the only Russian team that has received the support of the world's largest biotechnological accelerator IndieBio .

Mezomax is the first effective oral medication to stimulate bone tissue accretion. It was developed by Grigory Konygin and Dmitry Rybin, researchers of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Kirill Susloparov, a former employee of a large corporate bank, became the CEO and co-founder.

The CEO is the company's flagship, the link between the project and the outside world, and his responsibilities also include organizing work and production, making decisions, ensuring the sustainable development of the company. With all this, a talented and experienced manager in the face of Cyril copes more than well, as eloquently evidenced by the position of the company.

Once Susloparov had the opportunity to meet with the creators of the drug, about which the general acquaintances spoke very positively. The sensitive intuition of the entrepreneur suggested that the project was very promising. It so happened that Cyril had to be convinced of the effectiveness of Mezomax on the example of a loved one - after that he decided to become a member of the company and undertook to work actively for her benefit. The influence of a professional of this level in the team was one of the decisive factors in the future success of the project. At some point, the leadership of Mezomax made the decision to break through to the United States, one of the reasons was the underdevelopment of venture capital in Russia.

Kirill Susloparov, together with the other founders of the startup, decided to apply for participation in the IndieBio accelerator. It was a very ambitious step, since the passage of Russian companies to it in the past had no precedent, but real entrepreneurs should show determination and use every chance. Despite the huge competition (usually IndieBio accepts about 10% of applications ), Mezomax was selected. After a four-month mentoring of IndieBio, companies become something more than a startup. In exchange for an 8% stake, Mezomax received $ 250,000., training, consulting, round-the-clock access to the latest laboratories and ongoing assistance. Most of the money received was spent on reproducing domestic research results at a specialized center in the United States, which was necessary to start engaging with the FDA * in order to obtain permission to manufacture a drug in the United States. In the future, managed to attract another $ 400 thousand from investors from Silicon Valley, largely due to the elegant decisions of the CEO.

* Note: The FDA is a department that conducts sanitary inspection of the quality of medicines and food products - a division of the US Department of Health and Human Services.


It was not by chance that the Mezomax team managed to highlight its product among a variety of high-class modern projects from various parts of the world - the correct positioning, the absence of significant competitors, ready-made technology backed by research and, of course, professionalism were the key to success.

Now they are actively working to ensure that by 2022 the drug was registered in the United States, and it was possible to begin commercial production.

What do you need to learn to repeat this?

Summing up, it is important to say: you should always get the most out of what you are doing. Kirill Susloparov, working in the banking sector, understood that he wanted to engage in creative business, but still diligently absorbed knowledge and experience, which subsequently greatly helped in the development of Mezomax. Such an incredible breakthrough would not have been accomplished if the scientists-developers had not given themselves to their work to the maximum; if the founders and investors did not believe in the project; if they would not learn foreign languages, they would not be sociable. Anyone who wants to achieve something in life should learn how to invest their time properly, are not afraid of mistakes and criticism, and after falling every time they rise again. Trite? Yes, but that's exactly how it works ...

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