Survey on the “Russian Public Initiative”

    Hello, Habr!

    Since the New Year, one thought has settled in my head, which has spilled over into the initiative today at . It is not connected with IT, and it is in moderation, in general, I want to talk a little about something else. I noticed that since my last visit to the site (about six months) no noticeable movement has been observed. Overcome the barrier of initiatives (rather, let's say meager, only 100,000 people), only 2, quite sensational, well-publicized. Which did not stop them from being rejected. 4 more initiatives were taken ahead of schedule. The rest, in my opinion, are quite reasonable and hang out, gaining "drop by drop" in a day. In this connection, I had a desire to do a small survey in order to find out the state of affairs on Habré.

    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

    Have you registered for public services to gain access to the ROI website?

    • 19.4% Yes, registered to get access to ROI 554
    • 44.5% Yes, but primarily for access to the public services portal 1270
    • 3.3% In the process of gaining access 97
    • 8.6% No, I have no opportunity 248
    • 23.9% No, I have no desire 684

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