The Senate does not want robots to be distracted by beer. And what else to write on Friday?

    Continuation of the rubric, which is needed to flicker in the tape, while you drive to the bar. Last time, no one read, this time, I hope everything will remain as before.

    In 2015, researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) presented a project on “ cooperation of several robots under uncertain conditions ”. They have developed a system by which robots, without having a constant connection with each other, can together solve problems whose conditions are quite variable. For example, warehousing, delivery of medicines and so on.

    “When using multiple robots, it is difficult to get away from narrow tasks and achieve more general application. The two robots are doing well. But it is necessary to intervene somewhere third, as everything goes down the drain. We are trying to solve this problem, ”said the researchers in their presentation.

    They tried to create a general algorithm that allows robots to cooperate "along the way", and made pretty good progress. When it came time to demonstrate the work, the scientists decided to have some fun.

    They recorded a video of how the work involved the delivery of beer and called them "Beerbots" (Beerbots).

    Naturally, it was just the most innocuous example of use. But when the Ministry of Defense finances you, albeit partially, it’s better to be more careful with jokes.

    A few days ago, Senator Jeff Flake made a proposal to stop funding "Beer and other bartender robots." According to Vice, a Arizona Republican who is close to retirement furiously argued in the Senate about the need to stop developing robots that serve beer. And he did it in all seriousness.
    Mr. President, did you hear a joke how three robots entered the bar? Did not hear. And this is not a joke - this project is partially paid by the Ministry of Defense. These so-called “Beerboats” are programmed to bring cold beer to students. Researchers say that the programming methods used can be applied in restaurants and bars. But the private sector has long been taken by bartender robots — or robarmen — into service. They mix cocktails in bars and even on cruise liners for a hundred years.

    With our national debt in excess of $ 21 trillion, taxpayers do not have to pay for Pevbots and support other unnecessary spending.

    As writes , which was the first of many to criticize the senator (Vice, for example, suggested , and if he is not "other unnecessary waste" for taxpayers), the performance is unlikely to stop the financing of robotics.

    One of the authors of the project commented on the statement by Flake:
    The students decided that it would be fun to demonstrate the system on beer cans. But obviously, there could be any subject. The main thing - complex algorithms designed to solve their tasks by robots.
    Journalists also appealed to the senator’s press secretary. There they were told that he had nothing against research in the field of robotics, but he was speaking specifically against Pivbotov and the development of bartender robots.

    I think IBM's drones coffee distributors will fly around the senator side.

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