California is on the verge of complete abandonment of carbon in energy production

    In the US state of California concentrated offices of a large number of technology companies, known throughout the world. Accordingly, the state often receives all sorts of innovations developed by these companies before these innovations are made public. Robomobils, smart city systems, flying taxis, delivery of packages by copters - this is only a small fraction of what is available to residents of some localities of the state (at least in test mode).

    Now the state is again ahead of the rest, but not in the concentration of techno-start, it is already a matter of environmental protection. This week, a bill was submitted for a complete waiver of electricity, which is generated by burning minerals.

    True, California is going to switch to non-carbon energy sources not immediately, but gradually - the program should be implemented by 2045. As a result, the state will become one of the cleanest in terms of the environment throughout the country. In addition, the developers of the bill hope that their initiative will become the basis for legislative innovations for the entire country.

    The state plans to set an example to the whole world, abandoning “dirty” electricity. According to the legislators, if we do not begin to gradually move in the direction of reducing the burning of mineral resources, then sooner or later we will move to the red line, after which the normalization of the environment will no longer be possible.

    “We are going to show that we are able to work with the energy infrastructure, most of the energy in which is clean. This can be a practice that can be scaled for the conditions of all countries of the world, ”said Severin Borenstein, a representative of the University of California at Berkeley.

    The actions of the state administration are contrary to the actions of US President Donald Trump and his administration. As you know, he led the country out of the Paris climate agreement.

    At first - 50%

    The new bill is called SB100. The action plan for this document provides for a 50% reduction in the amount of “dirty” energy from 2026 to 2030. Perhaps the main sources of state energy will be able to achieve this figure even earlier, for example, by 2020.

    Current situation with the nature of state energy sources

    In addition to switching to clean energy sources, the state intends to introduce new energy-saving technologies that allow consumers of electricity, if not reduce energy costs, then at least keep it at the same level, subject to increased usage. For California, this can be a great way to save a lot of money, because the gross domestic product of the state has reached $ 127 million. Thus, the state itself has become the fifth largest economy in the world.

    In the bill in question, terminology has changed. Whereas previously the term “renewable sources” appeared in documents, now it has changed to “carbon-free sources”. Thus, the range of technologies that can be used may expand in the near future, as new energy technologies emerge.

    According to state officials, this change is one of the factors that makes it possible to achieve state goals. Yes, of course, we will need new technologies, the introduction of innovations, the development of energy storage methods. In addition, you need a change in the outlook of state residents, which can be implemented for several decades. In this case, California residents will be loyal to the idea of ​​"carbon-free energy" and support it.

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