Updating Yandex Disk has led to the inoperability of Windows and programs



    On November 30, 2013, the first messages from users appeared that they have:
    • There was an error at startup .... dll
    • Running the program is not possible because it is missing .... dll
    • No library found .... dll
    • Activation gathering (as a result of missing system files)

    The same problem overtook me, when I turned on the computer, I found that some of the programs did not start, and Windows was not activated.
    The problem is that when updating Yandex.Disk, the installer tried to delete not only the old version of the program, but the entire system partition .


    You can check the Yandex.Disk log in C: \ Users \ % USER% \ AppData \ Local \ Yandex \ Yandex.Disk \ YandexDiskInstaller.log, where % USER% is the username in the system.


    Partially helped roll back the system to the previous restore point. But this did not solve all the problems, because, for example, Microsoft Office is only partially launched, and its recovery and installation ends with internal errors.
    After the rollback, the Yandex.Disk update function was immediately disabled to prevent the deletion of system files.

    UPD: If you have not yet restarted the computer, but found lines about the planned removal in the log.
    Clean the registry parameter PendingFileRenameOperations, which is located in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ Session Manager \

    Representatives of Yandex, commented on what happened:

    We investigated the problem with Windows in more detail and found that in some cases, due to incompatibility between the Yandex.Disk application and the operating system, there may be problems with the system and its loading. We have already updated the version of the program in which such errors have been fixed, you can download it from the page disk.yandex.ru/download . If the system fails to start, try restoring it using recovery points or reinstalling Windows. We will certainly do our best to ensure that such a situation does not recur in the future.
    We apologize for the inconvenience!

    At the moment, it was not possible to fully restore the functionality of damaged systems.

    The discussion of this problem is conducted on the forum Ru-Board

    UPD2: More details about the situation with Yandex.Disk ( vladimirrusinov )
    Unfortunately, during testing the version of Drive for Windows 1.1.5, an error was not detected in the uninstaller component.

    The process of developing and testing desktop applications of the Drive is arranged in a rather classic way. Even at the development stage, autotests are launched every day. After the build, the release takes two weeks of testing, which takes place in several iterations, in a cycle until all critical errors are fixed. After functional testing, the final regression testing is carried out, which takes a few more days. Both manual and automatic testing are carried out on many devices and on all versions of the operating system.

    Then the new release rolls inside the company. If at this stage no critical problems are identified, the assembly rolls out. During the rolling process, system administrators monitor the monitoring sensors and monitor any changes in the load on the service and deviations from the statistics.

    The support service in the period after the release is laid out carefully monitors the problems reported by users and passes them on to developers and managers.

    The problem that happened this time is a chain of unfortunate coincidences. The team changed the main developer of the version for Windows and, outside the plan, he made changes to the installer / uninstaller of the application, making a mistake that does not always occur and only under admin accounts in Windows.

    A permanent application tester was hospitalized right before the start of testing (such a real force majeure), so another person who was less familiar with the product was testing. There were no corrections in the installer in the list of changes, and the emphasis in testing was placed on other components. Regression testing and autotests did not reveal an error.

    All Yandex employees used the application for a week. Usually this time is enough to detect significant bugs. However, this time no one came across a problem.

    As soon as the first reviews came to support, we started looking for a problem, after which we quickly released a version of the application that fixes problems with the installer.

    We remind you that the problematic version of the application is 1.1.5. We have released two more intermediate versions. The stable version of the program is 1.1.8. You can make sure that you have the right version of the program, or get the necessary update in the Drive menu ("Help" - "About" - "Check for Updates").

    We are very sorry that due to our mistakes, users faced such epic problems and we understand that what happened undermines the credibility of the program and the entire service. The entire Drive team is now doing everything possible to maximize the development and testing of applications and to make this file the only and last in our history.

    UPD3: Post on the Yandex.Disk blog
    FINAL UPD4: Yandex issued to everyone who had the problematic version, 200GB on Yandex Disk

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