Re: Report and tasks from the All-Russian Olympiad on the administration of Linux-systems

    Then there was an interesting note about subj. The first question of the first round baffled me. It’s not so much a question as a correct answer from the organizers. It turns out that ping is performed from the root. On my system this is not the case. I am sure that if you use a fairly modern system, then you do not ping from the root.

    The fact is that in Linux since the last millennium (!) There is such a thing as capabilities. So little is written in man capabilities that there’s nothing to even say: using the setcap command, you can set executable files the rights to use different subsystems without root rights. In particular, for ping, only CAP_NET_RAW permissions are sufficient. There are lots of collectionsTips on how to get rid of suid-bits for various system programs.

    It is a pity that people who use modern systems and keep abreast of the development of Linux did not have a single chance to go even the first round of this Olympiad.

    Dinara Safina, the first racket of the world, by the way, (photo from here ) is also shocked.

    Happy Friday everyone!

    I didn’t read the rest of the questions, for sure there are a lot of interesting things there too, do not pass by .

    For reference, a complete dossier on my ping:

    $ ls -l / usr / bin / ping
    -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 40032 Aug 13 18:56 / usr / bin / ping
    $ getcap / usr / bin / ping
    / usr / bin / ping = cap_net_raw + ep

    And here is the ancient slaka:

    $ ls -l / bin / ping
    -rws - x - x 1 root root 29364 2006-08-14 02:20 / bin / ping *
    $ getcap / bin / ping
    -bash: getcap: command not found
    $ uname -r # хотя ядро там эту фичу уже поддерживает

    UPD: hipp and other users who ro on the hub and write to me on my site: I don’t know how to answer you :-) If you want me to answer you, leave something other than habranikov or just write me an e-mail. Thanks for the resonance.

    UPD: alizar hints to me that Dinara Safina ended her career in 2011. But (this is from me) she is still well done! :-) And the 2.2 kernel was released in 1999, and many have not noticed so far.

    UPD (important) : they write to me in the mail that for years since 2010 in Linux (the kernel) there are so-called ping-sockets implemented by our compatriot (Vasily Kulikov from Openwall). I looked about it, it turns out man 7 icmpI have an interface sticking in / proc even for it/proc/sys/net/ipv4/icmp_*. Who cares, you can start googling with the words "userspace ping utility".

    Thank you Sergey! Friday is not in vain!

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    ps auxwww | grep ping | grep -v grep # so how? from root on your ping system?

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