“Top 3D Expo. Digital Education 2018 ”September 21 in Technopolis Moscow

    Friends! Already on September 21, our exhibition-conference Top 3D Expo. Digital education " !
    At the exhibition, we will show new items of additive and other digital technologies for the educational industry.

    About the exhibition

    This event is devoted to the use of digital production and additive technologies in education. We will address the issue of improving educational processes using 3D printing, 3D scanning, robotics, casting, digital design and 3D modeling, VR and AR.

    Additive technologies and robotics are included in the educational process by leading universities in the world, investing their money and hopes in the development of this industry. The future of production is the development of digital technologies and new specialists in this field.


    Goal “Top 3D Expo. Digital education ”: to talk about current trends in education and the use of digital production technologies in it, to show new equipment and application examples.


    On 7 May of this year, a presidential decree on the national goals and strategic objectives of the country for the next six years was officially published. It emphasizes the importance of new technologies for enhancing the well-being of Russians, modernizing production and developing the digital economy.

    To expand the integration of new technologies into our lives, first of all, we need qualified personnel, and future specialists are today's schoolchildren and students. Therefore, we consider modern digital education important and pay maximum attention to it.

    We invite everyone

    The information presented at the conference summarizes the experience of applying new technologies in education and will be important for anyone who wants to expand their horizons and keep abreast of new products in the educational industry.

    We are waiting for representatives of educational institutions wishing to give students the most relevant and relevant knowledge, owners and managers of production companies interested in optimizing production and increasing productivity, makers, journalists, analysts and all those interested.

    Such companies as Top 3D Shop , Folyplast , Roland , PICASO 3D , Range Vision , REC , Imprinta , Anisoprint , Total Z , GCC-Laser , VR Concept , AMI , Color World, AM-KOR participate in the exhibition-conference .


    In the exhibition part of the event will be presented 3D-printed and scanning equipment, new materials, robotics and integrated solutions for use in education.

    Solutions such as the use of virtual reality technology in the learning process, which VR Concept will show us.

    Presentations will be made by representatives of leading Russian and international companies in the industry who will talk about new solutions and promising areas in the application of digital production in education.

    Themes of speeches

    Maxim Zhuravlev, Top 3D Shop :

    “Demanded 3D equipment in the education system”

    Artem Solomnikov, Imprinta :

    “How to teach 3D technologies so that children want to associate a profession with this? Parse method Zheleznogorsk TsMITa "

    Andrei Tsyganov, Roland :

    “Desktop milling machine is an important element of CAD / CAM education”

    Andrey Tyrsa, PICASO 3D :

    "3D-education: trends, prospects, success stories"

    Andrey Isupov, PICASO 3D :

    “Expansion of the PICASO 3D equipment line”

    Ilya Viger, VR Concept :

    “VR / AR in Education Industry 4.0. Symbiosis of VR and 3D printing »

    Artem Krasovsky, RangeVision :

    " RangeVision 3D scanners for reverse engineering and prototyping - Worldskills experience"

    Maxim Suharev, Foliplast :

    “Production of small series of plastic parts by vacuum casting into silicone molds”

    Vladislav Kurbatov, AM-KOR :

    “Industry 4.0: Additive technologies for mass production are already a reality”

    Sergey Morgun, OIM (Optical Measuring Machines):

    “Optical Measuring System ATOS 5, as a tool for metrological control”

    Alexander Kornweitz, Color World :

    "Application of Raise3D 3D Printers in Education"

    Fedor Antonov, Anisoprint :

    "3D-printing of composites with continuous fibers"

    Master Classes

    The exhibition-conference will be held practical workshops on 3D printing, 3D-scanning and vacuum casting.

    Premiere! Master class in vacuum casting will be held for the first time. Finally, we will be able to share knowledge in this area. Do not miss!


    “Top 3D Expo. Digital Education ”will be held in Technopolis MOSCOW, the center for the development of new technologies on Volgogradsky Avenue, a 3-minute walk from Tekstilshchiki metro station.

    How to get there

    The site is located 2 km from the third transport ring.
    Exit from Volgogradsky Avenue to Shosseynaya Street. Drive along Highway Street for about 20 meters and at the traffic lights turn right. Drive about 200 meters and turn left to pass number 5. Leave the car in the parking lot, which is located on the outer perimeter, the first barrier, then go to the territory of the Technopolis "Moscow" through the checkpoint number 3 A.

    How to go

    In the three-minute walk from the site there is the Tekstilshchiki metro station. The last car from the center. Climb the stairs, after the turnstiles to the right and to the end of the transition. Go out and go straight. Cross the highway street through the underpass. From the transition to the left, on the color markup, to the passage number 3 A.

    We invite all interested! The number of seats is limited, to get a free ticket, you must register on the site.

    Stay tuned!

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