Broadcast launch of the project "Server in the clouds"

    We thought for a long time whether it was worth making a separate post for the broadcast, and decided that once more than 450 masters took part in the project, then why not. So, this post is for those who are not alien to the feeling of excitement, and who are ready to watch in real time how close the ball is to the point they put on the map. So, flew!

    A bit of background and useful links for those who missed everything:

    1. The post about the regatta (the prize for the first place in our competition is participation in the AFR sailing regatta (Another F * cking Race) , which will be held from 3 to 10 November in the Saronic Gulf (Greece) together with the team of RUVDS and Habr.
    2. As we did the " iron part " of the project - for fans of geek-porn, with details and code analysis.
    3. Megapost pro project with a full description.
    4. Site of the project , where you can monitor the movement of the ball and the telemetry in real time

    For those who have a Twitter account, subscribe to our channel - the broadcast is duplicated there as well.

    11.13 So, the weather forecast for today is favorable, the flight will take place! Details here .

    17:40. Getting ready for launch:

    17:50. Inflate the ball:

    18:00. Almost pouted, soon start:

    18:05. Technician and pilot are ready to start:

    18:10. We start:

    18:15. We take off! :)

    18:20 Five minutes, normal flight! Just flew point Kryakozyablik

    And now past the points kirillsulim and Resert

    18:30. The height of 998 meters, already a few kilometers from the starting point:

    Waving a hand to the point of Boomburum , AterCattus , ErshoVV , single_sf and SEvgenyA :)

    18:45. Height is 962 meters, we fly past the points s493599 , korchasa, vikus79 and greenfairyolga .

    18:50 Kilometer taken - climbed to 1091m. Sped past the points nmk2002 , kmeaw , Proqer and gusev .

    19:05 The balloon is dropping 187 meters, holding fists, who noted near Timoshkino.

    20:00 We apologize for the delay in text translation.

    20:05 Hooray! The server has landed, congratulations to the winners! severov_info is first place, Vitaliy MAXXL is second place and evzor is third place!

    Flight path:

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