Sony Xperia Z1: work on errors at the request of workers

    We met with the Sony Xperia Z1 smartphone in September at IFA. After listening to Kazuo Hirai’s fiery presentation, I somehow immediately decided that my next Android device would be Z1. At that time, Xperia Z was in its pocket for several months, causing an exceptionally positive feeling, and its heir seemed a natural and welcome replacement. Moreover, Sony has improved everything really worthy of improvement in it.

    The smartphone quite quickly fell into my hands, I began to use it regularly, and the further, the shorter the text of the article about Z1 that develops in my head. Not because the device is bad. On the contrary - he is excellent. But this is not a fundamentally new model, but a solid work on errors. Accordingly, to what has been said about the Xperia Zit remains to add only a few important touches. And, of course, look inside the device for interesting design features.

    Z1 turned out to be even larger than the rather big Z, both in length and in width. Given the fact that the diagonal of the screen remains the same, this can only be explained by the desire to fit a 3000 mAh battery inside. Desire, of course, is laudable. However, the widened side frames make it very difficult to control with one hand. So, as a user of the official Twitter application, I can’t, with my left grip, reach for the tweet button (upper right corner) with my thumb. Well, that is, of course, I can, but for this I have to intercept the smartphone in a different way. Nowadays, such trifles do not scare anyone, but, for example, on the LG G2 with its 5.2-inch screen, very thin frames allow you to reach the same angle without any problems.

    A very important advantage for me is the dust and moisture resistance of Sony's flagship smartphones. Whether it rains, whether it snows outside, you always get Xperia without fear of damaging the delicate filling. True, before this was achieved using plugs for all, without exception, holes on the smartphone. In Z1, the headphone jack was finally released from it, which will delight fans of using a smartphone as a player. I myself constantly listened to music on the Xperia Z, forgiving him not the best expressiveness of sound and faulty high for a great Walkman application. It is really very convenient and thoughtful, and on other smartphones I really miss him. On Z1, the situation is about the same: the application is excellent, and the sound ... The sound is at a good average level. Better than the vast majority of devices on Android, but worse than on the iPhone and, moreover,LG G2 with its Wolfson WM5110 DAC . So if you don’t bother with the sound of cymbals and copper-nickel harmonics, listen and enjoy the Walkman. If you consider headphones cheaper than a thousand dollars worthless trash, buy something else. However, you, dear audiophiles, will do this without my advice.

    As everyone knew, even those who never held the Xperia Z in their hands, this device had a Terribly Bad Screen. I was very amused by this secret knowledge, because I looked at this screen every day and I liked everything about it. Yes, I probably would have chosen a different matrix for processing photos in Photoshop, but as far as I know, the full version of this program hasn’t reached the Android platform yet. For everything else, the Xperia Z screen fit perfectly, and the limited viewing angles made it possible to feel quite comfortable even in a crowded subway car, when everyone began to poke their nose into the neighbor’s phone screen.

    As we see in the example of the portrait of the writer Alex Exler, at an angle the shades fade, but are not distorted. Personally, I consider this a virtue rather than a disadvantage of the matrix.

    But, apparently, there are not many privacy lovers, so the Sony Xperia Z1 has a slightly better screen. It still can not compete in brightness, richness of colors and viewing angles with the best products of Samsung and LG, however, compared with the Xperia Z, progress is evident. The shades became more juicy, the viewing angles grew slightly. Fortunately, not so much so that the carriage neighbors were too happy about the contents of your Facebook feed. In my opinion, the Z1 screen is optimal for a mobile device. Everything is as it should, and the eyes do not get tired. But here you decide - which approach is closer to you. The main thing is to trust yourself, and not to protect quotes from reviews of some strangers with foam at the mouth.

    I will make a separate article about the Xperia Z1 camera, because so far I have not managed to make an unambiguous impression about it. On the one hand, Sony is almost the main supplier of photomodules on the market, and the freshest 20-megapixel Exmor RS simply can not be bad. On the other hand, one gets the feeling that the camera software has not yet been perfected, and in some cases, even in manual mode, the pictures are clearly worse than they could. Therefore, I repeat, I take a short timeout to study exactly the photographic part of Xperia Z1, but for now, let's get inside this large smartphone.

    As is now customary with Sony, the Z1 case is made with glue, so it is categorically not recommended to open it without a special soldering station. Even if by some miracle it is possible to remove the back cover, it is simply impossible to attach it back without this station and special expensive adhesive tape. Master Alexander Levchenko has a station, so we got inside without incident.

    Immediately a hefty battery catches your eye, because of which, it seems, it was necessary to increase the size. Fortunately, it is not firmly glued to the case, and therefore it is relatively easy to replace (if, of course, the complexity of the initial opening is not taken into account). Was it worth stuffing such a colossus? Of course it was. Z1 is now guaranteed to live until late in the evening, even if you looked at the screen and started applications from early morning (I emphasize that this is without turning on Stamina mode, which can add another three or four hours). The result at the present time is not bad, but not a record one. LG G2 from a battery of the same capacity can safely work until noon the next day, and Z1 in the evening must certainly be put on charge. The battery, by the way, in the Z1 is about the same as in the Z Ultra, even the name of the model differs by only one number at the end. The characteristics are completely identical.

    The location of the components is standard for modern Sony smartphones, regardless of size. A rectangular board is located in the upper part, and all kinds of antennas huddle next to it. Some readers have complained about the reliability of the Wi-Fi connection, and I cannot disagree with them. Indeed, the “tenacity” of the Z1 is not perfect, and sometimes it barely holds the access point where it gathers feel very confident. I can’t say that sensitivity is very bad, but it can be better. Fortunately, this is precisely Wi-Fi, because the radio module responsible for mobile communications is very good and does not suffer from incontinence. There are no problems with 4G communication support, since Sony is almost a pioneer in this market in our market.

    From the back of the motherboard looks quite normal. True, a long time ago I did not see Toshiba 16-gigabyte flash memory modules in smartphones, but there is nothing surprising in it. But on the other hand ... Oh wow!

    I haven’t seen such a powerful layer of thermal paste even on laptops. Of course, the Snapdragon 800 (Qualcomm MSM 8974) at a frequency of 2150 MHz heats up quite noticeably, but I did not see thermal paste in other products. It does not look very aesthetically pleasing, but, on the other hand, smartphones rarely look inside smartphones. And effective heat dissipation is the key to the durability of the device and the absence of strange braking under load. Yes, yes, modern mobile processors also know how to drastically drop the frequency due to overheating.

    By the way, most of the time, the Xperia Z1 processor runs at 300 MHz, sometimes accelerating to 652 MHz. Well, and quite rarely, mainly in games, the frequency rises to the maximum. No matter how difficult the task is, the smartphone is always very fast, and there are no complaints about performance at all. By the way, it also heats up very moderately, and, unlike its counterparts, the smartphone lacks “hot spots”. It’s just that the whole upper part becomes evenly warm - and that’s it.

    The main camera module looks very common. And you can’t say that it has so many megapixels.

    By the way, pay attention to the front camera mount.

    In terms of design, it is quite ... dangerous. This is bad when the loop is initially set to break. I hope that Sony provided this moment, but the fatigue fracture is an unpleasant thing. Honestly, there was a feeling that in Z1 they used a module from another device to save money, because in other Sony models (and not only Sony) I did not see this.

    And it looks like a case without a battery and a motherboard. Sony just loves to use fancy cables, and the Z1 is no exception. Where business colleagues are limited to a thin wire, Sony is building an impressive design. Which, however, looks very reliable and is unlikely to ever go bad. And this is good, because the loop itself is usually inexpensive, but replacing it, associated with the bulkhead of the entire device, flies a pretty penny.

    This time I will not write about software, because it is exactly the same as in the Xperia Z or Xperia Z Ultra. Personally, I really like it. I haven’t seen anything better on this platform yet. Android is very lucky that Sony finished doing it , and other smartphone manufacturers have ideas for inspiration. Because you can’t be inspired by all with one iPhone.

    By the way, the built-in backup utility has finally learned how to transfer data between different models of smartphones. I remember that I could not move with all the belongings from Xperia V to Xperia Z. And from Xperia Z to Xperia Z1 - please.


    The Sony Xperia Z has become a great smartphone. Perhaps not within the market as a whole, but for Sony itself - no doubt. He seemed to draw a line between the timelessness, in which the Sony Ericsson joint venture fluttered for two years, and a new, really cool period in the history of the mobile division of the Japanese corporation.

    Xperia Z1 - quality work on bugs. Yes, probably, it was worth trying to maintain the previous dimensions, despite the increase in battery capacity, but, as I understood it after studying the insides, this was only possible when refusing moisture resistance. And this is an important distinguishing feature, without it in any way.

    As a result, we have the largest 5-inch smartphone on the market. Well, or not, sales will show it. But I can already predict what will be the next flagship Sony.

    Bottom to top: Sony Xperia Z1, Sony Xperia Z, LG G2. Samsung Galaxy S4, iPhone 5s

    It will return to the dimensions of Z, retaining (or even slightly increasing) battery life. The camera resolution will remain the same, but optical stabilization will appear. Screen resolution will increase if not to the level of Ultra HD, then it is still very noticeable. And I would really like for a decent DAC to appear in the Z1 heir. Indeed, such sensible software just needs the appropriate hardware.

    According to a moderately good tradition, the flagship smartphone Sony in official retail costs 29 990 rubles, while the Xperia Z has already fallen in price to 21 990 rubles. According to tradition, dexterous guys carrying phones in their suitcases offer very good savings. Their Z1 costs from 22,000 rubles. True, experience suggests that a “guarantee from a service center” may turn out to be, if not a fiction, then a source of serious trouble. But, I want to believe that you will not need it when choosing any of the purchase options.

    So they repair at some service centers.

    Sony continues to make very ... distinctive smartphones with a noticeable touch of personality. Not just a combination of features, but solid and sophisticated devices.

    Just dont stop. Without the current Sony drive, the Android platform will be boring.

    PS The author thanks Alexander Levchenko ( ) for his help in disassembling and assembling the Sony Xperia Z1 smartphone

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