Telegram agreed to transfer to the special services [but not Russian] IP-addresses and numbers of some users

    Telegram agreed to transfer to the special services ( UPD: except for Russian special services ) IP addresses and numbers of some users on court decisions.


    The official site of Telegram has updated the page with the Privacy Policy. There are many interesting things there, but paragraph 8.3 should be of the greatest interest .

    8.3. Enforcement Authorities Law
    If Telegram receives a court order confirms that you're a terror suspect, we may disclose your IP address and phone number to the relevant authorities. So far, this has never happened. When it comes to a semiannual transparency report published at: .

    According to the new clause 8.3, on the basis of a court order, the management company of the Telegram messenger will be able to transmit the IP address and telephone number of the user to the authorities if the court document confirms that this user is suspected of terrorism.

    It is noted that so far no such situations have occurred. If this happens, Telegram management promises to publish information about this in the semi-annual report on a special channel Transparency Reports .

    Despite the change in Telegram's privacy policy, the messenger will still not provide the keys to decrypt messages. This was stated to Interfax by Pavel Chikov , the head of the international human rights group Agora, whose lawyers defend the interests of the company:

    This is not about correspondence, which is important. It is about providing information about the ip-address and phone. The question of the correspondence both was and remains inviolable. Pavel Durov always said that correspondence will not be provided to any authorities of any country.
    No keys, no correspondence will not be transmitted - even individually.

    In Roskomnadzor, commenting on the change in Telegram’s privacy policy, RIA Novosti reported that the messenger should move from statements in the media to interaction with the FSB. The department is ready to unlock Telegram if the messenger fulfills the court decision, i.e. will provide the FSB encryption keys.

    Earlier, on August 28, 2018, the TJournal resource published information that the web version of Telegram partially earned in Russia. It was also reported that the court rejected the first lawsuit against Roskomnadzor for the recovery of damages due to carpet blockages.

    UPD charliez in the comments noted that Pavel Durov made a very ambiguous comment about the situation:

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