Hexlet 5 months later: new online courses in Russian

    Hello, Habr! Nearly 5 months have passed

    since the restart of the Hakeslet educational project . Let me remind you: we conduct free online courses in programming and related disciplines. Today we want to talk about our successes, past and current courses and plans for the future.


    • Three courses completed (total - 73 lessons)
    • Now in the process - two more courses
    • 11 600 students registered
    • They passed over 200,000 tests.
    • Lecture views - more than 160,000 (not counting podcasts in iTunes and distribution via bittorrent)
    • 250,000 visitors and a million page views

    Current courses

    JavaScript Programming

    A short course on the basics of the JavaScript programming language. No browser, no jQuery, no DOM, just pure JavaScript with all the terrible and beautiful details. You can learn more about the course from the first lecture.

    At the moment, almost a half thousand students have enrolled in the course.

    - First lecture (introduction, course, numbers in JS) lecture page with tests , download video , youtube
    - Second lecture (lines, objects, prototypes) test lecture page , download video , youtube
    - Third lecture (functions and closures) page lectures with tests ,download video , youtube
    - Fourth lecture (inheritance and constructors) lecture page with tests , download video , youtube
    - Fifth lecture (arrays) lecture will be released after November 11
    - Sixth lecture (regular expressions) lecture will be released after November 18
    - Seventh lecture (details) lecture will be released after November 25

    Introduction to financial engineering

    The course has begunin the previous version of the Hexlet project, but in this author Dmitry Nesteruk decided to rework the course and start it again. The purpose of the course is to give students the skills to comfortably understand and participate in international financial markets. The course provides the basic knowledge required to understand the structure of markets and instruments traded on them, questions of pricing, as well as technical aspects of trade.

    At the moment, about five hundred students have enrolled in the course.

    - First lecture (Instruments and Markets. Introductory lecture on financial markets and instruments that are traded on them)
    - Second lecture (Derivatives. We talk about options, draw option payment charts. Finally, connect via Plaza II / C-Gate, look at interaction with the exchange, we write the structure of the "glass")
    - Third lecture (Binomial Model. We discuss a binomial model for calculating the value of an option, build glasses on FORTS)

    Lectures are published once every few weeks.

    Past courses

    Java Application Development The

    foundation of one of the most popular programming languages ​​is Java, and preparations for Oracle's Java SE 7 certification. The course enrolled more than six thousand students.

    Structure and interpretation of computer programs A

    fundamental course based on the book of the same name by professors from MIT talks about data and code abstraction, recursion, state, and metalanguage abstraction. The first part of the course of five has been completed. All lectures can be downloaded at RuTracker .

    Course Trailer:

    The course enrolled more than three thousand students.

    Development for OS X

    Objective-C programming language and application development for Mac OS X in Apple's Xcode development environment. A complete course from the basics of the language to complex programs. The course enrolled more than two thousand students.

    We are looking for new teachers

    Hakeslet invites experienced and novice teachers. You can start your own course or join the development of an existing one.

    • Topics: programming, technology, engineering, science, project management. Other areas are also possible - write, we'll figure it out together.
    • Duration - no less than three lessons.
    • Format - audio or video lectures, tests, homework. Webinars, live sessions, etc. are possible.

    At the start of the course, you need to record at least the first two lectures, and also have a plan for the entire course.

    Future plans

    We have many interesting ideas for the future, but sponsors are required to implement most. We are open for cooperation with companies in the IT field. Email rakhim@hexlet.org.

    A rough list of future courses looks like this:

    • SICP Continuation
    • Introduction to Genetics
    • Operating Systems
    • Continuation of the Java course
    • Big Course on Algorithms and Data Structures
    • Great cryptography course
    • Discrete Math
    • Logics
    • C programming language
    • Evolutionary computing
    • Parallel computing
    • Distributed computing
    • Teamwork
    • Project management

    Support the project

    Let me remind you that while Hakeslet exists thanks to donations. You can help the project in any convenient way on this page . And you can support the project by telling your friends and colleagues about Hexlet.

    Keep up to date with news

    You can communicate with teachers and students in the #hexlet IRC channel on chat.freenode.net server. All news and announcements about new lectures are published on Twitter @ hexlet.org , Facebook , Vkontakte and Google+ . On the main page you can subscribe to the email newsletter, and on this page you can subscribe to the newsletter for individual courses (both current and future).

    Well, the most important and interesting thing we publish here on our blog on Habrahabr (thanks to deniskin for supporting our project and providing a corporate blog!).

    Our manifest

    Neither banks, nor politics, nor religion, nor money can solve problems and improve lives. Water in a faucet, a faucet in a warm house, the Internet and medicines for terrible diseases - all this is the fruit of the work of scientists and engineers. Knowledge is the basis of human civilization, therefore knowledge should be free and accessible.

    Knowledge must be free!

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