New DevExtreme with Tizen Platform Support

    The company DevExpress has released the next version of the product DevExtreme , which integrates frameworks PhoneJS , ChartJS , and integration tools with Microsoft Visual Studio, to simplify the creation of applications, the design of molds and assembly of packages for different mobile platforms.

    In version 13.1.8, the line of supported mobile platforms was replenished with the Tizen operating system .

    Creating a new application or adding support for the Tizen platform to an already written application is very simple. We were convinced of it by the example of TipCalculator application .

    We opened the project in Microsoft Visual Studio. Then we added links to Tizen themes supplied with the product to the index.html file. DevExpress has developed two sets of styles: light and dark themes - similar to Tizen themes. You need to connect only one style. We chose the dark one:


    Previously, we added these files to the css directory of the project. The new project template already has these files and links to them.

    Next, we launched the debugging application. Debugging in DevExtreme takes place in the simulator, where simulation and Tizen devices are available.

    After debugging to release the finished application, it remains only to assemble the installation package for Tizen. DevExtreme makes it easy to build a .wgt package, ready to be installed on a real device or uploaded to the Tizen Store. All this is done with a few mouse clicks in the Build Native Package wizard .

    And here are photos of the application running on a real device (although available so far only for developers):

    Now it’s even easier to develop applications for Tizen. Hurry up to participate in contests:
    - Vkontakte messenger for Tizen with a prize fund of 3 million rubles .
    - Tizen App Challenge with a prize pool of more than $ 4 million .

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