Google stops supporting browser IE 9

    Inori Aizawa, the official mascot of Internet ExplorerGoogle has reminded users of Internet Explorer about the current rules, according to which Google Apps guarantees the correct operation only in the latest versions of browsers. In particular, the latest version of Chrome is supported, as well as the last two versions of Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari.

    In connection with the recent official release of Windows 8.1 and Internet Explorer 11, the third version of Internet Explorer, that is, IE 9, is left behind. Although IE11 was released three weeks ago, Google has only officially stopped testing all its services under IE9. Thus, more than halfInternet Explorer users (considering those who use IE8 and IE9) remain in limbo, because at any time when they access Gmail or another Google site, they may encounter incorrect operation of the web application.

    In the coming days, all IE9 users will see a notification when they go to Google sites about the termination of support for their browser.

    Microsoft, meanwhile, is trying to rebrand, bringing Internet Explorer back to a trendy, modern look. Admittedly, advertisers showed talent and courage. An official mascot has been created for the browser - anime character Inori Aizawa (藍 澤 祈).

    She has a personal page on Facebook, in the advertising cartoon video, the girl is protected from the forces of evil by a reliable Internet Explorer shield.

    They say that this is the most successful Internet Explorer advertisement since the famous video “Child of the 90s”, which awakens nostalgic feelings with pictures from childhood: 3.25 floppy disks, US Robotics modem, tamagotchi, etc.

    The idea of ​​advertising was formulated in the last seconds of the video: “The future then seemed bright. Now you have grown. We, too. Return to the new Internet Explorer. ”

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