Panel discussion “Creating industry standards for data centers in Russia” at the 5th DCD Converged Conference

    Of particular interest to the conference participants was a panel discussion on the topic “Creating standards for the industry of data centers in Russia”, in which Alexei Soldatov took part. The CEO of DataPro noted that due to differences in the infrastructure of electrical markets and approaches to their regulation in different countries, approaching specific problems in the European market with American standards is not the most efficient way. “I consider it appropriate to take into account the best practices of foreign recommendations and take them into account when developing domestic standards, which will reflect the characteristics of the national infrastructure,” said Alexey Soldatov.

    One of the pressing issues raised in the panel discussion concerned the need to regulate the data center industry. The fact that this industry exists in Russia was agreed by all participants in the discussion. “Russia's successes in the development of the telecommunications industry in the 1990s. are connected precisely with the lack of strict regulation, ”said the DataPro CEO. “I consider it appropriate to go the same way when creating standards for the data center industry.”

    Alexei Soldatov is part of an initiative group to develop Russian standards in the field of design, construction and operation of data centers. The plans of this group are the development of industry standards that will be recognized in the Russian data center industry. The immediate plans of this group are to register the Association of Industry Participants in the Data Center and create a standard for the construction of data centers. Following this, work will begin on recommendations for the operation of the data center and the creation of engineering infrastructure.

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