Live Mobile in a week in Moscow

    On November 12-13, in Moscow, Digital October will host Live Mobile! .

    The event will be attended by: App Annie, Flurry, ChartBoost, AviaSales, Game Insight and 20 others.

    Under the cut, I will tell you why it is worth attending the conference and how to get to it for free.

    Live Mobile is mainly dedicated to promoting apps, mobile games and startups. Organizer - Game Insight.

    The first reason to attend the conference is to listen, see and chat with representatives of Flurry , App Annie and ChartBoost . These companies make services known all over the world, in fact, influence how the mobile application market looks and will look. They are rare in Russia.

    By the way, have you seen AppAnnie’s new analytics system for mobile advertising Advertising Analytics ? Most likely they will talk about him. And Simon Podd from Flurry will share the latest data on user behavior in mobile games.

    On the mobile services panel, Ivan Kozlov from AviaSales, Kirill Makharinsky from Ostrovka and Ilya Krasilshchik from Poster will tell about their experience. In my opinion, these are the few people in Russia who are versed in the creation of mobile products, how to make them convenient and in demand. Worth listening to.

    I recommend watching the presentation by Anton Shayakhov from AviaSales, where he talks about the current how they created and promoted the mobile application. An interesting report + figures from various advertising channels.

    Nikolay Evdokimov, the founder of SeoPult, will talk about strategies for bringing the application to the top and his new AppInTop project . Service is still in closed beta. Personally, I’m very interested in what is inside and whether Nikolay will be able to repeat the success of SeoPult.

    At the iOS 7 briefing, they will talk about iOS7, its new APIs and the 10 most important things in application development. The briefing is closed, only 30 places to get after registering for Live Mobile write to .

    The briefing is conducted by one foreign company which for some reason cannot be called. In general, the description sounds boring and strange, but I assure you you will not regret it if you fall into these 30 developers.

    And of course, afterparty, where it will be possible in an informal atmosphere to communicate with mobile investors, representatives of mobile services, creators of mobile games, representatives of Samsung, Huawei, Yota and many others.

    (who will be on the afterparty, please ask Yota why they are releasing the Shine fitness tracker and what is the company's development strategy now after the purchase by Megaphone)

    Other details about the reports and round tables in the program .

    A conference ticket costs 7 500 rubles, registration .

    You can get to the conference for free if you have a mobile startup and it will be of interest to the IMI.VC fund. If you are interested, write to is worth doing it today, the conference in a week and the jury needs to look through all the letters. Past projects - free entrance to the conference and participation in the startup competition on Live Mobile. The winners are Apple devices (golden 5s? :) and investments are in place. More details on the fund website .

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