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After the successful release of the Nexus 4 smartphone, LG and Google again joined forces and announced the first smartphone based on the latest version of Android OS - Android ™ 4.4, KitKat®. The new Nexus 5 smartphone is the thinnest and fastest model in the Google Nexus line of devices to date.

For residents of the United States, the Nexus 5 is sold in 4 versions:
  • Nexus 5 (16 GB, black) - $ 349
  • Nexus 5 (32 GB, black) - 399 $
  • Nexus 5 (16 GB, white) - $ 349
  • Nexus 5 (32 GB, white) - 399 $

At the moment, the device can be ordered in the United States. But, unfortunately, for CIS residents, the Devices section is not available in the Play Store. Therefore, simply putting the goods in the basket, entering the address and paying will not work. But let's not despair and try to circumvent this ban. In the article I will try to tell you as much as possible about the purchase procedure and various subtleties. Let's get started!

Purchase Stages

  1. Card design
  2. Intermediary Services
  3. Sign up for Google Wallet
  4. Change location
  5. Purchase
  6. Delivery Status
  7. Receiving parcels at the warehouse, payment, delivery
  8. Conclusion

PS If you are already familiar with many points, then you should not skip them. At least read it, because any wrong action can lead to cancellation of the order


To purchase in various online stores we need a bank card . If you already have one, then determine if it is suitable for online shopping. To do this, simply flip it over and see if there is a three- or four-digit code on the card holder’s signature field. This is the so-called CVV (CVC) code, which is necessary for card authentication and purchases in most online stores.

What if you don’t have a bank card? - Take your passport and go to your favorite bank. There, they will once again tell you in detail about all the conditions and issue a form for processing the card. After filling it out and submitting it will take some time (several days or weeks), and your card will be ready. You just need to come to the bank and get it. In some banks, payment for a card is taken immediately, in others - only after registration. After receiving a brand new card, you can put money on it and make purchases.

Those who don’t want to go to the bank and pay for the design and use of a card are most likely to use the free card option, for example, Corn. It can be issued at any Euroset salon in a few minutes. Another advantage is the conversion of funds at the rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation (in other banks, this is approximately +50 kopecks to the Central Bank rate ) on the day of settlements in the VISA / MasterCard system (this day may not coincide with the day of purchase). The company does not charge an additional conversion fee.
If you are under 18, you can apply for a Youth Card from Sberbank or Qiwi Visa Card.

Be sure to remove the restriction on the size of the transaction (if any), otherwise the purchase from you will fail.
Put 50 rubles on the card . (Money will be needed to check the operability of your bank card in the Google Wallet payment system. 1 USD will be blocked on the account, and after exactly 30 calendar days this amount will automatically be unlocked and will be available on your card.)


How it works? - When registering on the website of the postal intermediary, you get your personal American address where the stores will send your purchases. This address is nothing but a warehouse address in the United States.

What to look for when choosing an intermediary?
  • Is the warehouse address located in the area taxed upon purchase
    (its cost is $ 26 )
  • Cost of services
  • Parcel Insurance
  • Russian tech. support
  • Reviews, discount coupons and so on

I will consider the purchase on the example of Shopfans. If you order through this intermediary, the shipping cost will not be very high. Plus, tax is not taken when sending from Google Play. You can use any other intermediary with a warehouse in the United States. The checkout algorithm is similar.

List of alternative intermediaries:

When calculating the cost of delivery, consider the weight of the package with the device.
1 x LG Nexus 5: 1 lbs (~ 0.45 kg)
2 x LG Nexus 5: 2.20 lbs (~ 1 kg)

Register by the link . The process is very simple. Nothing complicated. We enter the registration data (name, surname and country) in Latin letters and accept the registration conditions.
Then we confirm the registration e-mail by mail.

Adding Your Address
Then in the settings you need to add your address, which is convenient for the delivery of your package.

If you plan to send using the Shopfans-Express method , then you should attach the scans of documents. There are few of them: a copy of the passport and a guarantee . Shipments from stock to Russia - twice a week - on Tuesdays and Fridays. The courier will bring your parcel within 10 calendar days. This delivery method does not depend on USPS or Russian Post.

Please note that Shopfans-Express is delivered only to Moscow , Moscow Region , St. Petersburg ,Leningrad region , Samara , Yekaterinburg , Rostov-on-Don , Krasnodar , Novosibirsk , Chelyabinsk , Belarus ( customs limit of 1000 euros ), Perm , Volgograd , Saratov and Voronezh )

Why do I need to provide documents? The fact is that, due to strict customs rules, Shopfans are forced to comply with formalities when sending using the Shopfans-Express method. Therefore, it is necessary to prove that they are sending the goods to a real person with this contract. Therefore, along with it, copies of the passport and signature on the documents are needed. All documents are downloaded once, which means that the following orders will be sent much easier.

We scan 2 pages of our passport (we need the first page with your photo, and the one where your registration is indicated), placing both passport pages on one A4 sheet.

Letter of guarantee
We print this letter of guarantee , read, sign. Scan the signed letter.

We should get 2 files (1 file - a passport, 1 file - a letter). The recommended format for scanned documents and photos is jpg or pdf. We bring to normal view and compare with the sample: . After that, enter the passport data in Russian and attach the files.


In fact, the procedure takes 5 minutes - if there is a scanner at home. I didn’t have it, went to the neighbor, the time spent - 10 minutes.
That's all, we made the home address, attached documents for Shopfans-Express .

We write down the address of the warehouse
We need it for Google Play. A smartphone will be sent to it. The address is under the spoiler. SHOW MY SHOPFANS ADDRESS . Shipping LG Nexus 5 to an intermediary is free only if you use tax-free staff. In this case, you need to use the address in Delaware. It is more suitable for buying electronics.

A little additional information:
Andrey - will be your name
Snegovik - will be your surname
DE - Delaware state


To use Google Wallet, you need to create a Google account. A Google Account is free and allows you to access many Google products. For purchase, I recommend registering a new account .

Here's how to create it:
  1. Go to .
  2. Click on the top right red button Register
  3. Enter the required information and click Back to Google Wallet

After successfully creating a Google account, we will be redirected to a page with personal and billing information for Google Wallet. They need to be filled. We select the country United States of America (US) , write the full name in Latin letters Andrey Snegovik , and indicate the index from the address Shopfans, in this case 19703 . We change the payment method to Add a payment method later and agree to the terms.

Then we get to the page with Transactions (if you have them). Click on the gear in the upper right corner to change the home address.

We will get to the Settings section , namely, we have the General tab open . The Home Address sectionclick on the button Change . Enter the address provided by the Shopfans reseller . After filling, click Save .

Now open the Address Book tab and click on the red button Add Address . Again, indicate the address that the intermediary issued. In no case should you write your Russian address!

Next you need to add a bank card. Click on Payment Methods in the left panel. Then click on the red button Add Credit / Debit Card at the top of the page. Specify your card details and click Save . It is after these actions that 1 USD should be withdrawn from the card.

We have prepared Google Wallet for the purchase of the device, now let's move on to the ordering process itself.


In order for the Devices section to be available to us , you should change your IP address to American. We will use the Tunnel Bear program . The free version includes 500 megabytes of traffic for tunneling, as well as 128-bit VPN channel encryption. There is also an action - if you tell your friends about TunnelBear on Twitter, you can get another gigabyte of free traffic. This amount of traffic will be enough for us to make a purchase.

Go to the download pageTunnel Bear programs. Run the downloaded installation file and in the window that opens, just click the “Next” button, agree to the conditions and select the installation directory. The program will be successfully installed on your computer, which can be found out from the window that appears. Click the Continue button.

After that, the program itself will start, click on: “I don't have a TunnelBear account”, then another window will open.

We fill in all forms, click on. After that, we go to the Mail, which was indicated during registration, we get a letter with an activation code, then we activate and go to the Tunnel Bear. If everything went well, then this window will appear:

After that, click on the On / Off button, wait until TunnelBear connects. Now that we have an American IP, we open the Google Play Market:'' . If you did everything correctly, the Devices section should appear .

By the way, not only devices, but also Logs are available to us. This one is also absent in the Russian Play Market.


Now the most important point. This is the process of buying and paying.
Follow the link We should have a page for buying a smartphone LG Nexus 5. We will buy a Nexus 5 (32 GB, black). If you need another modification of the smartphone, then feel free to choose it.

To buy a device, click the button with the price Add to Cart ($ 399.00) .

Then select Place an order . From the drop-down menu, select Delivery address and Payment method . Click Buy to make a purchase.

The order will be processed. And after that they will give out his number with information.

A thank you note will be sent to your e-mail for the purchase. And the money on the card must be blocked until the device is sent.

Now it remains to wait patiently. Google sends devices not in the order of priority, but as he pleases. Therefore, we patiently look forward to sending your order.


As soon as your order is sent, you will receive a notification by mail. The body of the letter will contain the track number for tracking the package.

You can check your track here: Theваш_трек_номер

parcel goes about 3-5 days, if you chose the land delivery method. And do not forget to inform the intermediary that you are waiting for the parcel.


After the parcel arrives at the warehouse, the operators will add it to the site and you can collect the parcel. If you send using the Shopfans-Express method, then in order to go through the customs, we must provide confirmation of payment and invoices from stores where the cost is indicated taking into account delivery in the USA and an extract from the bank. And of course, fill out a declaration.

Where to get an invoice? - It’s quite simple to take a screenshot of the payment of the order in Google Play transactions.
Where can I get a bank statement? - just take a screenshot of order payment in online banking.
What to write in the declaration? - the name of the smartphone and its cost on Google Play, for example, LG Nexus 5 32 GB - $ 399.

After assembling your parcel, choosing a delivery method and other various services, you will be billed for payment in your account. We pay again with a credit card.

After payment, the order will be shipped. You will be given a tracking number for tracking the package.

You can track it here if the delivery method uses the Russian Post:

Cost of device with Shopfans-Express delivery
Smartphone: $ 399.00
Delivery to an intermediary: $ 9.99
Warehouse services: $ 3.00
Postage: $ 62.90
Received: $ 474.89
In rubles: ~ 15,434 rubles (average rate 32.50 rubles)

You can cut costs a bit by choosing Priority-BWW shipping and entering the Zero promo code .

Cost of device with delivery Priority-BWW
Smartphone: $ 399.00
Delivery to an intermediary: $ 9.99
Warehouse services: $ 0.00
Postal tariff: $ 33.62
Received: $ 442.61
In rubles: ~ 14,385 rubles (average rate 32.50 rubles)
For comparison , then almost similar in characteristics LG G2 D802 costs 24 990 rubles in Russia. Saving is available!


Is the device sold in other online stores?
At the moment, the smartphone LG Nexus 5 on Google Play and resellers on eBay.

Does the smartphone support LTE bands in Russia?
There are two versions of Nexus 5 with LTE: D820 and D821, to get LTE support in Russia - we take D821, which will be sold in the European Play Store, or by retail chains. We buy the device in the US Play Store, so LTE will not work.

Is there a Russian language in the smartphone?
Yes, completely and completely.

How many Nexus can I buy at one time?
You can send an unlimited number of devices to the intermediary. The only point is that no more than two identical models in one order. But in Russia there is already a customs limit of 1000 € ($ 1,375). Therefore, in one package there can be no more than 3 Nexus'ov on 32 GB. Only the cost of the goods without delivery is considered.

The cost that you indicated in the article, is it total?
Yes. This is the final price, nothing more to pay.

Should the money on the card be in dollars or in rubles?
If your card is in rubles and the money in the account is in rubles, then the bank itself will convert the rubles into dollars at the rate indicated on the bank's website.

Why did they take $ 1 off the card?
After adding the card to Google Wallet, $ 1 is deducted from the card. This procedure is an element of the verification process and it will be returned to the card upon completion.

When I go to Google Play with an American IP address, does the device section disappear?
Roughly speaking, the account was blocked for device purchases. Most often, the problem is solved by creating a new clean account.

It is written that shipping in a few weeks, is it really that long?
How to get it. Your order can be sent the next day, during the term or even on the last day.

How do I know if a purchase is successful?
A payment receipt should come to the mail, and the money on the card will be blocked.

The money debited for the purchase returned to the card. What is it?
If you buy a device on Google Play, then the money from your card is frozen, not physically withdrawn. They are removed only when the status of your order becomes "Sent"! Money can be frozen only for a certain period of time set by your bank. If after this period the status of your order has not changed to "Sent", then the bank will defrost the money and they will be returned back to the card. But there is no need to worry, this does not affect the order, therefore we do not withdraw money from the card and keep the necessary amount on it.

What do the statuses in my orders mean?
Pre-order / Pre-ordered - your order has been successfully processed, but there is no product yet, so you have to wait until it appears.
Pending / Pending - the product is in stock and is preparing for shipment
Dispatch in 2-3 weeks / Leaves warehouse in 2 - 3 weeks - your order will be dispatched within the specified time
Shipped / Shipped - the order has been dispatched, the track number is issued
Canceled / Declined - the order has been canceled for some reason

Why other orders are dispatched earlier, although they ordered later?
Ask Google where the injustice comes from. All orders are processed in a peculiar manner, and not in the order in which they were accepted. If the device is sent for a long time, then you can try to cancel the order and make a new one. Maybe you are lucky and will be sent in the near future.

The parcel has already arrived on the track number, why is it still not in the intermediary’s personal account?
Usually the package is added on this day, but closer to midnight. Because it is at this time that the work of many intermediaries begins.

Is it necessary to insure a smartphone?
It all depends on the delivery method. If the parcel goes through the Russian Post (Priority-BWW, Priority-USPS, Priority-Express), then insurance is desirable, but not required. Thefts do happen, but most of the packages arrive without a problem. Other delivery methods (Shopfans-Express, SPSR-Express) have minimal risks of losing the package, so you do not need to insure the package.

How long does it take to ship via Russian Post? Up-
to- date statistics can be found on SMS-TRACK.RU , namely the US export-import banner.

In my account, the Devices and Logs sections are available without IP spoofing, is this normal?
After making a purchase from the American IP address, home address in conjunction with the payment address, Google thinks that you are from America and opens access to the sections, and the prices for applications are in dollars. If you want to return the Russian Market, you should make a purchase of any application with a Russian home address and payment address.


We have completed the entire purchase procedure for the LG Nexus 5. It remains only to wait for the parcel and pick it up! Be sure to shoot the unpacking process on video, this will be useful to you as evidence if something happens to the package. After unpacking, check the integrity of the case, the main functions of the smartphone and its performance. That's all! Good luck with your next purchase.

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