PickTime - move the queue to the cloud

    Two weeks. It is this much time, in all its life, that a person spends waiting for a green traffic light. It’s scary to think about how long it takes to wait in the queue. To help people spend time on things that interest them, we launched PickTime .
    PickTime is a free e-queue service. What is an electronic queue, we think, everyone presents. One way or another, many have come across this concept in everyday life, as many enterprises strive to make life easier for their customers.

    Our service, as we would like to think, is more universal. The logic of his work is extremely simple:

    On the one hand, for companies:
    There is a business owner, and it does not matter whether he has a large company or a modest office on the outskirts, a network or a single point, the main thing is that he has clients. Many clients. And each of them counts on timely, fast and high-quality service.
    It is very easy to lose a client by negligence at the peak of seasonal demand, during the holidays or holidays, when there are not enough workers, but returning is not so simple.
    A modern client is demanding and wants to have a guarantee that they will find time and resources. We offer every business to easily and without any cost to provide this guarantee to its customers. To do this, it is enough to register your company 1 time at PickTime and notify your regular customers about the appearance of an electronic queue. Those who have booked time in advance should be served at a specific time. Well then what? And then the business receives:
    - placement on the site at PickTime , which means a potential influx of new customers
    - a free electronic queue for its customers
    - reduced costs for taking orders, recording by phone
    - thanks to customers who are satisfied with the quality of service
    - the reputation of a progressive company striving to be in trend.

    On the other hand, for people:
    There is an ordinary person who wants to get a haircut. Or go for a massage. Or change tires with the onset of winter. Or sit with a girl at your favorite table in a cafe nearby. Of course, he can call the reception and warn about his visit, or get to the desired point in the hope that he will be accepted and served there. Or you can go to PickTime.ru from your smartphone and, without any registration, book the right time in the right place in 2-3 clicks. And then tell your friends about this convenient service. Everything is simple.

    And a little about the team:
    First poston behalf of our team was about startups. We admit that the topic is really quite beaten, and it’s too early for us to talk about what is good and what is bad. But thanks to this post, we received the first feedback from you, and this is already not bad. We tried to take into account most of the criticisms, corrected a fair amount of bugs and hope that it is not in vain.
    We are always glad to cooperate and are open both for constructive criticism and for business proposals.

    In the near future it is planned to add:
    - Grouping of organizations
    - Creation of separate pages adapted for the specific goals of the group
    - Statistics on profile views (for organizations)
    - Analytics on clients
    - Ability to promote your profile
    - The ability to create pages with an individual design

    For those who are too lazy to read:
    PickTime - an electronic queue in the cloud
    For people - for free, without registration
    For organizations - for free, short registration is necessary
    The purpose of the project is to help people not stand in line
    The purpose of the team is to make a convenient service for people

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