GDG DevFest 2013 conference will gather in Moscow on November 4

    Next Monday (November 4), the Digital October Center will host the annual free IT conference hosted by the Google Developers Group (GDG) community around the world, GDG DevFest .

    The GDG DevFest Moscow 2013 conference is organized by the Moscow Google Developers Group community with the support of Google and is intended for both beginners and experienced developers interested in modern technologies and topics such as Android , Google Chrome , App Engine , App Script , Google Glass , AngularJS .

    GDG and Google Developer Experts activists will speak to the audience and answer all questions of developers. A total of 8 reports are planned. A detailed conference schedule can be found here .

    Conference speakers will share reports and:
    • They will introduce some interesting tricks when working in Google Apps Script. They will tell you how you can use GAS to develop Glassware.
    • They will explain (including with a simple and practical example) how Angular makes the development process in HTML5 + Javascript easier.
    • They will tell you what happens with the compiled C / C ++ code outside the Android NDK, and also why it happened that the NDK is noticeably different not only from the “C ++ coding traditions”, but also from the real environment on the devices.
    • Demonstrate why AdMob is better for creating large business applications compared to other ad networks and much more.

    Venue: Digital October Center , located at 6 Bersenevskaya Embankment .
    Terms of participation: Participation in GDG DevFest Moscow 2013 is free. You can register for the conference here .

    Register for the conference and follow the official hashtags #gdgmsk and #devfest on Twitter.

    ps In Russia, DevFest-s in addition to Moscow will also be held in Omsk (November 2-3) and Voronezh (November 6).

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