Regarding the creation of Russian-patriotic games

Not so long ago there was news that the Russian Military Historical Society (RVIO), with the support of the Ministry of Culture, will take part in the creation of games aimed at developing patriotism in Russia. In addition to this, most likely, these same people will be engaged in "filtering" foreign games for Russophobia (whether they took seriously for it and what criteria are selected to play the "bad Russian" one feature of the Minister of Culture is known). Interestingly, the whole mess started after a review of the game Company of Heroes 2.

This review was even shown on Channel One:

By the way, the game itself is not so terrible in fact:

But the job is done and satisfied marginal employees of the Ministry of Culture, with the support of the Ministry of Defense undertook Igroprom. In this regard, many have questions, how will this happen? I tried to offer, in my opinion, an adequate way to make patriotic games, in my letter, which I sent to the Ministry of Defense (after the Mikhalkov films, I don’t want to talk to the Ministry of Culture in principle). Here is the text of the letter:

“Hello, a student programmer writes to you. The news reached me that the Russian Military Historical Society (RVIO), led by the Minister of Culture Vladimir Medinsky, will develop domestic-patriotic computer games. I ask you to take this idea seriously, since the game industry is developing rapidly and among young people has long been ahead of the film industry and other, “classic” means of influencing a fragile teenage mind. I had a number of questions, which probably also arose in front of you.

Who will be involved in the development of games?

I draw your attention to the fact that earlier the Ministry of Culture sponsored various films, for example, the film “The Man from KaputsinoK Boulevard” (2009), the budget of the film amounted to 108 million rubles and the screening of the film was timed to coincide with the 100th anniversary of cinema in Russia. The film’s user ratings on the site amounted to 1.725 points, on a 10-point scale, against 8.1 which the original scored - “A Man from the Capuchin Boulevard”, filmed in 1987. And this example is only one of the most striking. I do not presume to judge the competence of the Ministry of Culture, but I think that it would be a good idea to give the masses the right to choose which mass culture budget money will spend on, to which they are directly related by taxes. The essence of my idea is to organize a tender for the development of a game similar to tenders for the purchase of weapons. Large Russian companies that have already shown themselves in the computer games market should participate in the competition. I draw your attention to some of them:

  • Nival Interactive, author of games such as Blitzkrieg
  • Buka, who created the games of the Petka series
  • Xbow Software, creator of the Star Wolves game series

These and other companies could develop a game concept that meets both the requirements of a high-quality digital product and the wishes of the Ministry of Defense in fostering the patriotic spirit of youth. Contestants must prepare a presentation of their project in which they will tell the plot and idea of ​​the game, as well as the genre and key features. The decision about which idea is most successful should be decided by the players themselves by voting (this will already create an initial advertisement for the project), for example, on the website of the Ministry of Defense, in the multimedia section (it will be necessary to create protection against vote wrapping). And in order for the creator not to want to just spend money, in case of a failure in sales and low user ratings, the development studio should be fined for the amount allocated to him from the budget.

How will help in creating games be provided?

Besides the fact that money can be allocated for the project, this is not the only opportunity for the Ministry of Defense to participate in the creation of games, and in my opinion it is not the most important one. A feasible help to developers may be, for example, an accurate description of the events that will be covered in the game. Acceptable, details of certain operations, battles, principles of operation of military units, in order to achieve realism in the game. Another way to facilitate this could be to record the sounds of shooting, explosions, military equipment at the training grounds, for reliable audio accompaniment. Advertising, since the level of support is federal, then the advertising of the game can be placed wherever necessary for the best perception of the teenage, age group (this is already the task of marketers). If the product will be a commercial success,

In conclusion, I would like to wish not to overdo it with the desire to achieve my goal, since this is primarily a game aimed at entertaining and if it really will be that way, then the impact on the players will become a consequence of its popularity, as well as pride in the domestic gaming industry and the armed forces of the Russian Federation, which will take part in the development. ”


I don’t even know what answer I expect from the Ministry of Defense, it will just be unpleasant if, again, greedy officials and mediocre creators ruin domestic products using budget money.

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