PayPal prohibits withdrawal of money from Flattr in Russia

    Recently it turned out that according to the new PayPal rules in Russia, donations (using the Donate button) cannot be accepted.

    Here is the Paypal support message:
    At the moment,
    it is not possible to open a PayPal account in Russia to receive donations due to various financing rules

    There was a suspicion that donations in any form are prohibited, for example, transfers from Flattr, which was confirmed by PayPal support:
    You cannot accept transfers from FlattrNetworksLtd, as this process is still a donation process.

    Flattr himself did not comment / investigate the situation:
    If they say that, it's how it is. We have no say over PayPal I'm afraid. It's probably due to some financial laws changing in Russia. Usually that is what controls what can / can't be done.

    Conclusion: you can withdraw money from Flattr without breaking the rules only through Skrill (and it’s probably easier not to withdraw at all), and when receiving a transfer to PayPal from other sources, you need to make sure that this is not a “donation”.

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