Since 2015, all cars in the Russian Federation are required to be with GLONASS

    The Ministry of Love of the State Duma in the first reading approved the bill on the mandatory installation of tracking devices from GLONASS to all new cars since 2015.

    As the authorities promise, this measure is designed to reduce the response time of emergency services in a collision.
    Each car will have a special button that will call the mask show special services.

    And since 2017, the system itself (!) Will determine the collision and itself will call special services.

    A little more detail about this wonderful event that takes us to the future can be found in the video, which was kindly made by one of our favorite, federal channels:

    System Specifications

    According to Order No. 285 of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation dated June 31, 2012, subscriber terminals must meet the following requirements: operation in GSM900 / 1800 and UMTS cellular networks, location of a vehicle with an accuracy of 15 m with a 95% probability, the ability to establish two-way voice communication with a dispatcher, the possibility of battery life for an hour, the operating temperature range from −40 to +85 C

    Interaction will be carried out through a mobile network, for this telephone codes 941-949 were reserved.

    After the system is triggered, the operators must contact the victim and clarify the circumstances of the incident, if there is no answer, the corresponding services will be called.

    It is also not reported what will happen to people who remove this kit.
    Most likely they will be sent to the Ministry of Love.

    The system will cost 3000 rubles. payment of traffic between the system and the server will be paid by the state, who will pay for the purchase of the system and installation is not reported.

    Similar systems are already operating in other parts of the world.

    Japan: The ECall system is used, both the location and the state of the vehicle of the
    USA are transmitted to despatchers : A similar system is used, when calling 911, the coordinates of the subscriber are transmitted
    Europe : A similar system will be used, fully compatible with Era Glonass
    Kazakhstan : “EVAC” - emergency call in case of accidents and disasters - from 2016 all vehicles heavier than 2.5 tonnes from 2017 - on all vehicles without limitation

    details of the system was examined here

    What is very sad - is the fact that in every car bud ie microphone that can at any time to transfer information.

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