Moscow number in code 495 is free

    The telephone symbol of Moscow - code 495 is no longer a luxury. Connect and use the Moscow number in the prestigious code is now free.
    Technically, the toll free number is fully functional and unlimited.
    A natural question arises: if money is not paid, then what is required of the client? There is only one requirement - you need to use the number.

    The numbers are connected via SIP, with each number 10 incoming lines are provided with the possibility of free expansion. The numbers support all popular codecs (G711 u / a, G729, Speex, GSM), fax reception over T38 and G711, DTMF (rfc2833). There is the possibility of SIP forwarding (in the format number @ ip) and regular forwarding (to any number).

    What conditions?

    As already mentioned, the condition for the free operation of the number is its use, which is determined by the number of incoming minutes per month. For clarity, imagine in the form of infographics:

    As shown in the table, for completely free use of the number, it is enough to take 700 incoming minutes per month or 22 minutes per day (incoming calls themselves are naturally also free). For any corporate user, this is an absolutely insignificant figure.

    Despite the lack of payment, an advanced number selection system is available. You can select from the list or find the desired number, indicating the numbers of interest:

    How to connect?

    To connect toll free number 495 you need:
    1. choose a direct Moscow number and register on the site
    2. replenish the account by 290 rubles (non-combustible balance - in case there will be no calls per month)
    3. turn on the number and receive calls (to connect the number you need to download a scan of a copy of your passport).

    The number will start working immediately after confirming the documents (no more than 2 hours on a business day).
    Attention: the number of free numbers is limited.

    PS In order not to mislead the 50,000 people who have already read this article, we clarify that we edited the post and published new - even more favorable conditions - for 495 toll-free numbers.

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