blender + Unity 3D export of human skeleton for further development under wp

Some time ago I came across an interesting article Developing a game running WP8 ...

I wanted to write for a long time, since I myself like to write under wp, I’ll say right away that these are just thoughts in the ear, and if anyone wants to, you can refine and implement what is described here. Just write later, it’s very interesting what happens.

I will gradually replenish the article as it develops.
The idea itself is to simulate a human skeleton, (it is not necessary to simulate a skeleton, just my example), respectively, make all the bindings in terms of movement, so that the skeleton moves less realistic, and use the phone to control the movements of a computer model. On unity, we export the skeleton model, draw an interface, etc. ... by the way, you can implement something like a program simulating bone movement on delphi, I'll tell you later. ps well, the movement process can be done in the same way as in the article above. (well, or almost the same :))

1) Human skeleton

Of course, you can use 3D's max and all that you like, I’m just more familiar with blender, we won’t go over skeleton modeling lessons, that’s the first link I got into yuotube video . ps I have some good video tutorials, if anyone needs to take off, write a comment.

2) Export to Unity3D

We need the blender itself, the smd exporter, and the FM.
Otherwise, not a bad instruction here

3) We draw the interface

You can use some of the first article

4) well and test

I’ll write about delphi next time, time is short, I just wanted to share it with you.

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