The apparatus of the Government of the Russian Federation prepared the text of the decision on the petition to repeal 187-FZ


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    At the disposal of RosKomSvoboda, a text of a document from the Government of the Russian Federation appeared containing the following items:

    1) Minutes of the meeting of the federal level expert working group chaired by Mikhail Abyzov dated 10/14/2013.
    2) The decision of the expert group to take measures to implement the public initiative “To repeal the law on arbitrary blocking of Internet resources of 02.07.2013 No. 187-FZ (law against the Internet)”.
    3) The questionnaire of the members of the expert group for voting.

    Directly the document itself:

    So, this document was sent to the members of the expert working group to vote on this conclusion. The voting deadline is October 25, i.e. either tonight or tomorrow, and most likely on Monday we will find out how the experts will eventually vote. But now it’s clear, from the statements that were made directly at the meeting, that the vast majority of representatives of the working group would support such a formulation of the final decision on our petition.

    The final paragraphs of the resolution themselves predictably contain a decision on the inappropriate use of the repeal of 187-FZ and at the same time very vaguely and unaccountably indicate a public request for a general discussion of the legislation in this field as a whole, as well as an appeal to lawmakers to amend the current law:

    1.In accordance with paragraph 19 of the Rules, it is considered inappropriate to repeal the Federal Law of July 2, 2013 No. 187-FZ.
    2. To recommend that the State Duma, while improving the legal regulation in the field of protection of copyright and related rights, take into account the comments contained in this public initiative.
    3. To recommend to the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation to consider in the format of public hearings the question of improving the regulatory mechanisms for protecting the rights of copyright holders on the Internet.
    4. Submit materials based on the results of consideration to the State Duma and the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation.

    We expected a clearer position of the expert council, taking into account the interests of society, indicated both in the petition itself and in our appeals to it ( first, Second ).

    In general, we are not satisfied with the final text of the Expert Group Decision.

    And you?

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    The first voiced positions of experts from this working group on this decision:

    Ivan Pavlov (Chairman of the Board of the Free Information Fund), who voted against the decision of the working group:
    In conclusion, "much has been said against the initiative, but the arguments for it that are fair have been ignored." “In particular, the fact that the law was adopted in a hurry does not stop repealing it and holding public hearings, listening to all parties, this should be decided not by 34 people (the composition of the working group), but by at least 450 deputies.

    Robert Schlegel (deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation), who supported the conclusion:
    One of the goals of the petition - “so that the authorities heard the society” - is achieved. “If we recognize the aim of the petition to introduce a bill to repeal the law for consideration by parliament, then such a bill has been submitted (by the Communists); if the second most important goal we recognize is the introduction of a bill in parliament that would correct the mistakes of the "anti-piracy" law, then such a bill has been introduced. " In one form or another, a number of provisions of the petition will eventually be taken into account, however, due primarily to public outcry, and not to the meeting of the group, which was "somewhat late."

    Based on materials:

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